WWE/TNA Newswire: Crimson/Storm Injuries, RAW, MITB Buys, Morrison U.S. Title Run?



Hello Revolutionaries, RiZE is back with the PW Newswire. I’ve read some interesting stories today and I’d like to share a sensible response to them.

First up, two of Impact Wrestling’s biggest stars have suffered injuries. Cowboy James Storm suffered a partially separated shoulder a few weeks back. Storm attempted to work through the injury but was advised by doctors to “take it easy”.

Any physical interaction could ultimately lead to Storm missing 4-6 weeks of in ring competition. Storm isn’t the only TNA talent plagued by injury.

The Undefeated Crimson has apparently been written off of television due to a hairline fracture in his ankle. In case you missed Impact, TNA set up an angle where Samoa Joe orchestrated an attack on Crimson.

The Samoan Submission Machine attacked Crimson backstage, slamming Crimson’s ankle between a wooden object and steel steps.

Crimson is now “forced” to sport a fiber glass cast and crutches.

My take: Apparently, TNA wasted the buildup of Crimson. After reading spoilers, I can safely say I incorrectly predicted Crimson vs. Kurt Angle for Bound For Glory.

On the other hand, Storm is still apart of the BFG Series but the chances of the Cowboy winning are slim.

I hope these guys heal the injuries, as they are both prominently featured on weekly programming.

RAW started with Kevin Nash, CM Punk, and Triple H discussing last weeks incident. After verbal attacks by each, Nash informed Triple H that Laurinaitis had signed him to a contract.

The inevitable Punk vs. Nash match was set for Night of Champions while Triple H and CM Punk remain at each others throats.

Is CM Punk a draw or not? This question will be answered by the impending 2011 Money in the Bank buyrate. A few weeks ago, the buyrate was reportedly 265,000. This number is a drastic raise when taking last years MITB buys under consideration.

However, multiple sites are reporting that the number is between 185,000-200,000. Simply put, this isn’t a big improvement considering the hype that surrounded the event.

In my opinion, MITB was built around one match. In turn, dropping the overall interest of the ppv. I don’t blame the number on Punk but lack of overall buildup.

I may be getting ahead of myself, as the actual numbers wont be revealed until October.

The rumored Night of Champions card leaked online and aside from the obvious, there’s a seemingly new contender for Dolph Ziggler’s U.S. Championship.

The Prince of Parkour, John Morrison, is rumored to take on Ziggler for the championship. As of late, Morrison has been placed in a “jobber to the stars” role. Morrison has retained his match quality but has ended up on the losing end since his return.

The real question is, is this a step up or step down for JoMo?

If Morrison has a reign similar to that of Daniel Bryan’s or Ziggler’s IC Title reign from 2010, it’ll give Morrison time to properly build himself up for the main event spot he’s destined for.

But remember, this is a RUMORED card. Alex Riley’s name was also listed but Riley has gone through a “demphasis” as of late.

We’ll have to await the decision of WWE Creative as plans are always subject to change.

This is it for this edition of the Newswire.

Be well revolutionaries!


  1. Hi Rize glad to be make a comment on your site.

    As far as Morrison if the rumor is true then I think its a step up for him. By going up against Mr.Ziggles and winning the title this will give him time to prepare to go after what is rightfully his, and that’s a wwe championship. Another thing check out Morrison’s latest tweets and I think the rumor is actually true.

    Here’s hoping for more articles you’ve written on here as well as Enigmatic.

    • Really? I definitely will! Thanks for the support Lisa. I’ll be making my return to EGW tomorrow hopefully

  2. I like the idea of having Samoa Joe vs. Crimson at BFG, both are big and agile in the ring with decent mic skills. Remember that Joe started his career off undefeated like Crimson.

    It seems like Beer Money will be split up soon.

    As for Morrison, I would like to see a strong reign as a heel, but that’s just me.

    • As long as Robert Roode gets the push he deserves, I wouldn’t mind a split. Remember Ryan, we already had Joe vs. Crimson LOL.

      You know I agree on Morrison LOL!

  3. Hey Rize, you notice Jomo wasn’t on Raw and instead he was on Superstars? Now this is just a rumor but I think Melina and Jomo are no longer together. I looked into Melina’s tweets and she mentioned a broken heart and moving on. That might explain things.

    Check out her Tweets @RealMelina.

    • Really? I hope so. Not to trash Melina but she has plagued JoMo. Do you follow me? Sorry if I haven’t returned it

      • I don’t have Twitter account yet. But I check out tweets from different people such as yourself, Cool, Enigmatic, Jomo and others. I enjoy reading everbody’s tweets.

        Once I do get a twitter account I definately will follow you. Until then see you on here and Enigmatic.

  4. Oh I see. I read Melina’s tweets. They may have called it quits.

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