Welcome to The Revolution


Hello Revolutionaries, welcome to the first official post on the RiZE Revolution. Before I start, I’d like to note that I’m posting this from the Android WordPress app. Simply put, it’s difficult on this device LOL.

Nonetheless, with the design upgrade (courtesy of C-Cool), I felt as if it was only fitting that I update you on my current situation. I’ve been suspended from the B/R. I’ve spent the last week recounting my actions and tracing my steps, trying to find a substantial reason for my surprising removal.

Today, Dave Morrison informed me that I was banned from the Bleacher Report. The problem is, the administrator suspended me for the comments of others. I informed Morrison of this and he corrected the mistake but informed me that I will remain suspended until Friday.

He informed that comments I made in the B/R forum, Twitter, and an interview with Joe Burgett will decide my fate on Friday. Simply put, I’ll know if I’m permanently banned from the site at the end of the week. Nonetheless, I don’t plan on returning to Bleacher as I feel as if I’ve accomplished everything possible.

On the other hand, I’d like to thank all of my supporters for standing behind me and against my suspension. I read every comment and am glad I pleased you all.

You guys are the only reason I remained on the site as long as I did. If nothing at all, it was always my goal to please you.

Anyway, it’s time to start fresh and establish myself on other sites.

The RiZE Revolution is a site where no subject is taboo. I intend on discussing MMA, NBA, and of course, professional wrestling.

I want to diversify and continue to impress my readers on a normal basis.

I also write for the Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling. We’re still building on the site and would love to accompany aspiring writers/commenters.

Be sure to join the forum, download free wallpapers, and read the BEST pro wrestling articles any site has to offer.

Well, that’s it for the first post of the Revolution. Be sure to follow me on twitter @HeelRiZE, follow the Revolution, and drop a comment.

Special thanks to C-Cool for the site design and thank you to the Bleachers who have always supported me.

The best is yet to come.


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