TNA: Q&A with Impact Wrestling’s Hulk Hogan



I recently caught up with Hulk Hogan. Hulk was on his way to Brooke’s PETA shoot but was generous enough to answer some questions about TNA.

Hulk, you and Eric reportedly swore to never work with Vince Russo again, what happened?

Well let me tell ya something brother, I’ve had my problems with Russo in the past. He has screwed me and I’ve screwed him. We’ve had our problems but Dixie is paying us so much money we had to forget how fast we destroyed WCW. If only he knew my cut of the dough is twice the size of his…. brother. 

Hulk, don’t you think Immortal has run its course? It has had almost every member of the TNA roster apart of it.

Yes, brother I understand that comment but whether fans like it or not, we’re just getting started! Me, Bischoff, and Russo have been thinking about placing Angle in the group! I’ve also called my boys, Hall and Nash. We’re going to reform the NWO as the BNWO. I plan on breaking NWO’s record of a five year storyline brother!

But what about the welfare of TNA as a company?

Brother, I don’t care about TNA! The only thing I care about is the check and paying for Linda’s lavish lifestyle through this divorce!

What are your thoughts on the Divas of Doom? They are strangely similar to the Jackie and ODB angle.

I’ve got only one thing to say about that brother. You can put lipstick on an Anvil but it’s still a man… brother.

Hulk, what part did you have in the change from TNA to Impact Wrestling?

I thought it was foolish brother. The motto “Wrestling Matters Here” was strange considering the spotlight is always one Me, Eric, and Immortal. Personally, I wanted to change it to TNAwful.

One last question Hulk, what you gonna do when the Insane Icon, Sting, comes for you?

Well I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do and that’s put him over brother!!!


  1. Hey! You stole my BNWO thing lol. The reason they changed TNA to Impact Wrestling was cause Hulk was sick of people asking him if TNA stood for “Tits and Asses” True story

  2. Lol awesome article. Laughed my ass off at the BNWO thing.

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