WWE, Kevin Nash is NOT Good for Business


SummerSlam 2011 can be described as a great pay per view match quality wise. From Punk/Cena to Orton/Christian, SummerSlam was definitely a great night for fans craving a plethora of great matches. While I observed numerous fans praise SummerSlam immensely, I couldn’t help but realize the events beginning to unfold.

As I watched Kevin Nash singly handedly derail the hottest WWE storyline in years, I automatically knew that this was a sign of things to come. The fact that Del Rio won the strap moments later cemented my theory and I began reminiscing on my early days as a WCW Fan.

You see, for whatever reason, Kevin Nash was given booking power backstage. Along with Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff, and Hulk Hogan, Nash was instrumental in the downfall of World Championship. Aside from booking himself to end WCW’s biggest draw in Goldberg’s winning streak, Nash was one of those guys who wouldn’t let the NWO die.

As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before, the New World Order overran its course and the lack of storylines/angles eventually decimated the little interest fans had in the company.

It has been 2001 since WCW folded and the thought of Kevin Nash possibly gaining booking power makes me sick to my stomach. In case you didn’t know, Kevin Nash is the lowest drawing WWE/F Champion of ALL TIME. It seems as if the fans didn’t care for Diesel and his one dimensional wrestling/character.

It’s funny when you realize the fans didn’t even know who Kevin Nash was when he returned to RAW a few weeks back. The fact that the RAW rating dropped below a 3.0 signifies the fact that fans don’t care about Kevin Cash and the fact that CM Punk is going to be buried deeper than The Undertaker.

The WWE has done everything in its power to introduce Kevin Cash to the casual fans. They’ve mention WCW, NWO, and Nash’s past with Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Apparently, to no avail as Nash still gets almost zero reaction when he makes his “scary” diesel entrance.

If fans don’t care for Kevin Cash, what is the point of bringing him in to put over CM Punk? I don’t think defeating a 52 year old man who has almost never wrestled a great match would do anything for CM Punk.

What you need to realize is that Kevin Nash being involved in programming/booking is a BAD THING. Kevin Nash has always looked out for himself and has no intentions to aid the WWE. Big Daddy Cool is only doing this for the paycheck.

After learning Kevin Nash is physically unable to face CM Punk at Night of Champions, I felt as if Nash would be dropped from television while the CM Punk/Triple H feud boiled over. Unfortunately, Nash appeared on Super SmackDown, destroying CM Punk and shoving Triple H to the ground.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the WWE is teasing a possible return of the NWO. I must say, I cringed at the thought of another failed WWE stable (Nexus) and the resurrection of something that should’ve died years ago (NWO).

As I stated above, this is not good for business. Kevin Nash is not good for business.

This angle is losing steam with every passing week and if the WWE doesn’t realize this soon, they’re going to find themselves in a hole they won’t be able to climb out of.

Just take the Nexus angle for example.



  1. I personally thing that Nash has been making Raw more compelling, but you display decent points.

    • I understand why some may think that but the purpose of Nash being there is to put Punk over and if no one knows who he is, what’s the point?

      • only the kids don’t know who he is. and who the hell cares about them other than WWE lol.

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