WWE Weekly Review: Orton/Christian, Morrison, Cena, CM Punk/Triple H


Welcome Revolutionaries, this is the first WWE Weekly Programming Review. If the title isn’t obvious enough, I’ll be reviewing RAW, NXT, Superstars, and SmackDown with the focus being on the focal points.

I’ll be naming a few hit and misses and what I thought could’ve been done to improve the quality of each show.

In my opinion, RAW was disappointing. This was the first show following the end of the brand extension. If this was a sign of things to come, I would rather the brand extension stay intact.

WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, was forced to miss the show due to visa issues. The decision to put the strap on Del Rio baffles me considering the fact that the WWE should’ve known Del Rio could possibly face visa issues.

If the absence of the WWE Champion wasn’t bad enough, WWE Creative booked random matches for the show. From Ziggler/Orton to Kelly/Bella, it seems as if nothing progressed storyline wise.

Sure, Ziggler vs Orton was a great match but lacked any logic besides Orton picking up another meaningless win.

Speaking of Orton, why was Christian pinned CLEANLY by John Cena. Yes, I understand that Cena always pins guys clean but Christian was scheduled for a World Title match THE NEXT NIGHT.

I don’t understand why Nikki Bella defeated Kelly Kelly. A few weeks ago, the WWE Divas Division revolved around the heel turns of Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Since losing a title match to K2, the Divas of Doom have become the Divas of observation.

Why is the WWE sparking a feud between Otunga and Jerry Lawler? It’s pointless and won’t aid either competitor. It seems as if Vince Russo booked this personally.

One pleasant thing Creative did was mentioning the history between Sheamus and John Cena.

This RAW was definitely a miss. Aside from a few good matches, nothing was booked correctly. They rushed the Punk/Triple H matchup while Kevin Cash returned to his burying ways.

I would give it a D letter grade.

SmackDown was surprisingly better than RAW. Personally, I don’t know why RAW’s top guy opened the show. John Cena called out Alberto Del Rio (again) which would bring Wade Barrett into the equation.

The former foes discussed their past with Cena stating he owed Barrett. I’m guessing Cena forgot he smothered Barrett with almost twenty chairs.

Typical Cena matchup with Barrett falling to Cena’s five move combination. It seems as if Creative is hot and cold when it comes to Barrett.

Daniel Bryan vs. Hunicara was a great matchup. I don’t think Bryan should’ve lost but a great match nonetheless. The heel turn was a pleasant surprising considering the upcoming Misticara vs. Hunicara feud.

I don’t want to discuss the Divas tag matchup simply because it was pointless. Sheamus vs. Khali was horribly booked but Sheamus dominated so I don’t have any complaints.

Randy Orton vs. Christian had another great matchup. Unsurprisingly, Orton won clean. The feud is finally over and I can’t say I enjoyed it as Christian was never booked strongly during it.

Mark Henry reiterated his dominance after destroying Randy Orton shortly after the finish. It was the best segment of the night considering it made us believe Henry can actually take the strap off of Orton.

I wanted to save the Triple H/Punk contract signing for last. It was a great segment that should’ve occurred on next weeks RAW.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind Nash’s involvement. To be honest, I wish the WWE would remove Nash from televised programming.

I give the show a C.

I don’t understand why Cody Rhodes wasn’t featured on the show. If the WWE is trying to use Cody to rejuvenate the Intercontinental Championship, he should he featured prominently on SmackDown.

NXT was a highlight show. I wont discuss it this week as the show revolved around former NXT contestants reaching super stardom.

WWE Superstars kicked off with a match that saw Ezekiel Jackson defeat Heath Slater. Typical Jackson/Slater matchup with Zeke winning after the torture rack.

Brodus Clay squashed another local star.


Zack Ryder took on Tyson Kidd in a decent matchup. Long Island Iced Z picked up the win after the Rough Ryder. Matt Striker was almost as annoying as Michael Cole when he trashed Ryder. 

In the main event, John Morrison took on R-Truth. It was a good match that saw Truth getting the win after the Paydirt.

I have to get this off my chest.

Why is John Morrison on Superstars? Why is he jobbing to R-Truth? I don’t know what Morrison is doing to piss off WWE Creative.

He dumped Melina last week.

I don’t see any reason for his placement on a show nobody cares about.

I hate when guys are punished after dumping dramatic Divas who subsequently screw up their placement with the company.

Yes, this includes Drew McIntyre.

Overall: This was a horrible week for programming considering the brand extension is seemingly over. I understand why most guys are worried as the WWE now has the opportunity to shove Cena and Orton down our throats two times a week.

If this is a sign of things to come, I’d rather have the brand extension return.



  1. good read. the Raw part basically summed up my entire review lol. Russo booking and poor executions defined RAW.

    You take John Cena, a man who is the probably the favorite (kayfabe wise) to defeat Alberto Del Rio, and you have him look EVEN STRONGER with a win over Christian, a man who is the underdog against Orton, thus making the odds seem more apparent that Orton will win. Wow!

    Then you cancel a blockbuster match, replace it with an even bigger blockbuster match, and you have it in a random backstage segment with a TV on. Smart!

    Then you have Jack Swagger, a man who Vickie might trade in for Ziggler, and you have Swagger look weak in defeat. The angle should be executed so Swagger looks better than Ziggler, giving Vickie a decent reason to trade-in for Swagger, while making Ziggler jealous. And with Ziggler putting on hard-fought matches against Orton, on top of holding mother fucking gold, why would Vickie trade him in? Moron booking. And for you Ranjin Russo the new head booker for RAW, you’re officially an idiot. Shame on you.

    Then we have innocent David Otunga – who’s a heel – feuding with Jerry Lawler who’s egging him on for no apparent reason, and he’s a face. And on top of that, David Otunga has some sort of magic hearing power, cause Lawler’s non-disruptive commentary supposedly distracted Otunga. Just…stupid.

  2. Great reviews my friend . but i think u have been to harsh on smackdown . i would give it a B . The fact that hhh owned that ego-maniac makes me more than satisfied. i no that kevin nash is not good for long term booking but i m happy to see him right now in wwe . well here we have cena who has always critisized the great one for not appearing in the wwe when he himself is just burying guys. i m totaly with on your rant about morrison. he deserves a lot better .

  3. Good article, Raw was okay Cm Punk is starting to grow on me. And well Cena is Cena and Orton is Orton. I pissed off when Morrison wasn’t on Raw and even more mad when he was on Superstars, and of all the nerve losing again. Maybe WWE will get off his back now that he’s single. I didn’t see Smackdown show sorry.

    Don’t give up on him yet Rize. Hopefully is time is coming.

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