WWE: John Morrison’s Burial and Fan Perspective

Yesterday was a marvelous day wrestling wise. After spending 30 minutes watching one of the best matches of 2011 in Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins, the anticipation for Monday Night RAW was at an all time high. Despite the utter disappointment I felt while watching WWE Night of Champions the night before, Florida Championship Wrestling shattered my one sided prediction that if a WWE pay-per-view was disastrous, the programming that followed would rest on the same boat.

This week’s RAW echoed its predecessors when it revolved around Triple H, CM Punk, and this non subliminal conspiracy that began at the conclusion of SummerSlam. As I struggled to digest countless weeks of repetitive programming, I found salvation in the fact that there’s always one bright light at the end of the tunnel.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I am inclined to say that my “bright light” is the Guru of Greatness, John Morrison. As the commander-in-chief of the Johntourage, when Morrison blessed us with his bedazzled presence, I took it upon myself to find an appropriate distraction while Alberto Del Rio buries Morrison six feet deep. Initially, my opinion was well received by my peers as it was obvious who would lose this match and his name isn’t Alberto Del Rio.

While Alberto Del Rio buried JoMo for 47 seconds (YouTube commenter timed it), I found myself in a place I’ve been since Morrison returned a few months ago. The Line in the Sand, the proverbial writing on the wall was shoved in my face but unlike the occasions of the past, I accepted it.

I accepted the fact that the guy I’ve admired for four years may take his ball and go home. It’s “not fair” right? How come a guy like John Morrison hasn’t come remotely close to becoming a World Champion while guys like the Great Khali have reigned as Champion for months?

It’s not fair that arguably the best in ring performer (it’s what you prefer) in the WWE is reduced to jobbing to a guy casual fans could care less about. It’s not fair that the Creative team doesn’t possess the quality that Vince McMahon hired them for. It’s not fair that Vince would rather listen to a team of yes-men than to listen to the WWE Universe.

Life isn’t fair.

As I type this, struggling to find a way to overcome this dilemma, I try to retain a positive perspective. Maybe John Morrison is taking his punishment? Maybe it was just something that will only occur on one occasion?

That’s when I realize that you can never be positive when it comes to the WWE. You always have to expect the worse and hope for the best as nothing the WWE orchestrates remains positive too long. What is that you say? “Rize, you’re being too irrational”. Like a fellow writer/friend stated “your irrationality is a part of your humanity”.

“The IWC gets attacked for making outrageous and naïve demands, yet it’s pretty natural thing to rail against perceived injustice and to be invested in the role of a favorite performer.”

The future of John Morrison as a WWE Superstar is definitely in question. I don’t know if he’s leaving but if I were to predict, yes, I believe he’s fed up with his treatment. Whatever JoMo decides to do, he’ll have the undying support of this fan.


  1. Vince sees Morrison as the next “Edge,” so I believe that we will see a lot more of Morrison when his contract is about to expire (kind of like CM Punk). Unless Morrison is extremely deep into the doghouse, I don’t think that Morrison will be released. He is one of the most over midcarders on the roster and the WWE Universe pops big every time he makes his entrance.

    • I see what you mean but I don’t think we’re considering the fact that he may want out

      • He might. So did Punk, I believe. WWE might be able to convince him to sign a contract extension or stay for a while more.

      • If last night was an indication, it’s kinda grim

  2. Rize i love your article, I was pissed off last night to the point that I stopped watching when he lost. Instead I turned to MNF.

    By the way there is something on Twitter that need to be trending. Hashtag #SaveJohnMorrison. It was started by @Femmjomo, she’s a huge Jomo mark like ourselves. I hope you can get the word out to your fellow writers who have twitter or facebook to #SaveJohnMorrison. Also @Starship_Pained, and @JomoNetwork have on their twitter as well. You might want to check it out.


    • Yeah I follow them on twitter and I’ve seen the hash tag. I’ll definitely use it

  3. Someone has to be at the bottom of the heap. WWE is punnishing him for a lot of reasons. He just came back from an injury, so he might get injured again. He refuses to have a less flashy offense… so he might get injured again. And his moves will always keep him over so he’s the perfect guy to put others over.

    • I seriously don’t understand the basis of your argument

      • To put guys over… you need to put someone under them. The guy has a flashy style that will always keep him over with the fans just like Zak has his videos to always keep him over with fans.

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