WWE Newswire: Alberto Del Rio Berated by Vince McMahon, Rhodes/Orton, SmackDown in Trouble?


Hello Revolutionaries, welcome to the WWE Newswire.

Opening up the WN today, Vince McMahon is said to be irate by the comments of a certain Mexican Aristocrat. During a backstage segment on RAW, Alberto Del Rio berated Triple H and his performance as the COO. The Aristocrat name dropped Vince McMahon, stating that he prayed Vince McMahon reclaims his position as Chairman of the WWE. Despite McMahon’s impending return being spoiled by a number dirt sheets, the Chairman of the board was irate when his name was mentioned by Del Rio.

Vinnie Mac is set to return to television soon and felt it was better that he remained an afterthought.

McMahon reportedly went ballistic backstage. The Chairman yelled at Del Rio and the creative writer responsible for the segment. Despite attempts by Stephanie McMahon to calm her father down, Vinnie remained temperamental for the rest of the show. McMahon continued his verbal tirade by yelling at his colleagues throughout the show.

My Thoughts: It’s extremely difficult to decipher the actions of Vince McMahon. Initially, I felt as if McMahon may’ve had a substantial reason for his actions but after reading the full report, I don’t understand the reason for his actions. First of all, I don’t think casual fans took Del Rio’s word as a hint towards the future. Second, McMahon’s colleagues didn’t deserve to be verbally abused by Vince as most probably had no prior knowledge of the intentions of WWE Creative.

McMahon’s actions are ridiculous considering the anti bullying alliance the WWE has with Creative Coalition known as be a STAR.

Vince McMahon is infamous for being a bully and it’s extremely hypocritical on his part for allowing the WWE to promote this anti bullying campaign.


Besides the rise of Mark Henry and his infamous Hall of Pain, WWE SmackDown has been uneventful for some time now. The SmackDown Creative team randomly booked matches and halted mid card feuds before they could draw the interest of fans. Through it all, the one recurring factor was Randy vs. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship.

After Christian regained the World Championship at WWE Money in the Bank, I predicted him to reign as World Champion for months. Unsurprisingly, Randy Orton had a rematch clause and a match was set for SummerSlam 2011. Foolishly, I predicted Christian to retain the Championship while Orton would feud with a familiar ally/foe.

I firmly believed that Randy Orton would face Cody Rhodes on the SmackDown after SummerSlam. The maniacal Rhodes would pick up the win after a disqualification only for Orton to attack him after the match. I figured it would further Cody’s character and drive Rhodes to the brink of insanity. Rhodes would subsequently further his demented character and spark a feud with Orton.

However, Randy Orton regained the World Championship while my prediction became a thing of the past.

To my surprise, the WWE went through with my original idea on this week’s SmackDown. WWE Creative improved my idea having Orton draw blood during his attack on Rhodes. I admire the WWE for taking a sensible approach and creating a new feud in the middle of Orton’s feud with Mark Henry. Mark my words; Cody Rhodes is going to reach a new level of dementia through this vicious assault.

LOW Attendance of SmackDown

The WWE may need to panic when it comes to the attendance for SmackDown. Two weeks ago, the attendance was for SmackDown in Toledo, Ohio was so poor that the WWE had their camera men cut off areas of the arena so the viewers at home wouldn’t see parts of the empty arena. Last night’s SmackDown taping also drew a lackluster attendance rate as the WWE was once again forced to cut of areas that displayed numerous empty seats.

Evidently, this was the reason for the RAW and SmackDown supershows. The WWE should bring some of its RAW talent to SmackDown because the show is seriously lacking in star power. Besides, Randy Orton is nowhere near the draw that John Cena is.

Here are a few pictures from the SmackDown taping:

Thanks for reading Revolutionaries. By the way, CALL SETH ROLLINS UP TO THE MAIN ROSTER OR WE RIOT!


  1. I believe the main problem is the venues that SmackDown takes place is in. SmackDown is usually held in small cities which obviously will not get them much attendance. BTW, where did you get the Rhodes/Del Rio sketches?

  2. Vince is a bully, instead of yelling at ADR and Creative he should be mad at the lack of creative creating intriguing storylines and building up mid cards such as Jomo, Ryder, Ziggler so they can get into the main event scene. As for Smackdown, outside of Orton, Rhodes, Sheamus and Christian who eles do they have. Bring the guys I mentioned above and possibly Miz and Truth to the blue team. Might create better attendance and draw people to watch. And also bring the blue side to the big cites.

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