Dear WWE, Please Release John Morrison from his Contract

Five years ago, I found myself skipping WWE’s Flagship Programming (SmackDown and RAW) in favor of the WWE’s red headed step child, ECW. After almost two years of watching John Cena and Dave Batista clean out the red and blue brands, I decided that I’d tune into ECW for some unpredictable programming.  After a few months of stellar ECW programming, the WWE began airing vignettes for the debut of CM Punk.

Initially, I was intrigued by Punk and his straightedge gimmick to the point where I anticipated his debut more than the return of my then favorite WWE Superstar, Dave Batista. Unsurprisingly, Punk delivered and I’ve remained his biggest fan to this day.  Thing is, I admired Punk to a point where I despised all of his adversaries.

You can imagine how I felt about Hardcore Holly when he ended his undefeated streak.

Nonetheless, when Punk finally set his sights on the ECW Championship the following year, I was star struck when I realized he would be facing the Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit. Benoit was also a favorite amongst yours truly as he was my go to guy whenever I wanted a quality matchup.

When Benoit and Punk defeated Elijah Burke and Marcus Cor Von in singles matches to determine who would face off for the vacant ECW Championship, I was thrilled. However, a match that occurred on that same edition of ECW also thrilled yours truly.

ECW Newcomer, Johnny Nitro, defeated Nunzio in his largely ignored debut. To be honest, I didn’t like Johnny Nitro and figured this matchup would be a snore. To my surprise, Nitro put on a great match while displaying some of the most unique offense I’ve ever witnessed.

Don’t get me started on the corkscrew neckbreaker.

I lightened my opinion of Johnny Nitro that night and considered him “okay” in my book.

When Vengeance Night of Champions rolled around, I was surprised to learn that Nitro would replace Benoit because of some problems Chris Benoit had. I wasn’t thrilled when I learned of the news but considering Nitro’s performance against Nunzio a few days before.

However, my fandom of CM Punk ruled out any possibility of Nitro picking up the win.

At the time, I didn’t use the internet as much as had no knowledge of Vince McMahon’s hatred of CM Punk and his gimmick.

Johnny Nitro won the match with an elevated corkscrew neckbreaker while I was left in awe.

To be honest, I was infuriated by this decision and was hoping Punk or Benoit would win the championship from Nitro the first chance they got. Unfortunately, Chris Benoit’s life had met its horrific end and the actions of Chris Benoit overshadowed anything WWE related.

I realized that it was in everyone’s best interest to move on and forget the actions of Chris Benoit while enjoying WWE programming.

As the weeks passed, Johnny Nitro began to grow on me through his exquisite performances against John Cena and Tommy Dreamer. I “liked” Nitro but it was just something about his character that kept me from adopting this guy as a favorite amongst myself. That’s when the transformation of Johnny Nitro to John Morrison occurred.

John Morrison had it.

The arrogance, swagger, and wrestling style that clicked with a fan like myself.

John Morrison became my favorite WWE Superstar that day (besides Punk) and remains my favorite to this day. As I look back on his transformation and additional time in the WWE, it brings about a feeling out bitterness and anger.


He’s leaving the WWE soon.

Yes, the proverbial writing on the wall has been apparent to me for quite some time. Instead of thinking realistically like I am accustom to, I tried to remain positive and ignore the fact that he was losing every match he had partaken in since his return.

My positivity forced me to ignore the incidents with Trish Stratus, derogatory comments on Twitter, and relationship with Melina as possible factors for a dismissal/departure from the WWE.

Reality hit me in the face over the course of a 47 second squash match that saw Del Rio destroy Morrison with ease. In the weeks that followed, Morrison’s undeniable losing streak continued with him laying down in fatal four way and singles matchup’s.

Last night, I got a glimmer of hope when he faced Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental Championship. The fact that Cody Rhodes defeated Morrison in formal attire displays the fact that the match was meant for Rhodes to go over and the WWE to bury JoMo for no apparent reason.

I thought that this may’ve been the WWE’s way of sparking a feud between Morrison and Rhodes but I was in for a rude awakening tonight.

As Mark Henry stood calmly in the ring for a matchup on Monday Night RAW, I whispered to myself “please don’t be Morrison”.

Moments later, there he was making his way to the ring with the infamous tune by Stonefree Experience playing in the background. Unsurprisingly, Morrison was easily defeated by Mark Henry under two minutes.

While I’ve become accustom to Morrison jobbing on a constant basis, the fact that the WWE went through with this on his birthday is absolutely disgusting.

Despite my wave of emotions to this and the WWE as a whole, I can truthfully say this guy is the only reason I remain a viewer of WWE programming. Despite this, I firmly believe he should go through with his departure or the WWE should release him from his contract.

This consistent and pointless burying is getting to a point where Morrison won’t be able to recover if this is punishment for some of Morrison’s questionable actions.

I observe the cases of Montel Vontavious Porter and Randal Keith Orton as kind notions to my opinion. MVP was too cocky backstage and was buried by WWE management until they decided they would use him properly once again. Thing is, Porter’s burial had gotten to a point where he couldn’t recover from it.

It was that bad.

On the other hand, I use Orton to display the double standard in the WWE.

A few months back, Orton aired out Kelly Kelly and her promiscuous ways on a radio show while criticizing a number of his colleagues. There was indeed backstage heat on Orton but nothing came of it. The Viper got away with his derogatory comments while Morrison is undoubtedly paying for his.

It infuriates me to continue watching this treatment when others have done/said worse and have gotten the proverbial “slap on the wrist”.

Now that the end of this burial is nowhere in sight, I hope I read Morrison’s name on a future endeavored list soon as the WWE is tarnishing him for the fans who have admire him for years.



  1. Love the article Rize,

    But I somewhat agree and disagree. I don’t wanna give up on Morrison but WWE is pointless and I hate how they are using him. He’s got that swagger, that heel background that I love and he’s doing everything they ask of him and he gets NOTHING. I hate seeing him get buried like this and now I turns the channel until WWE starts using their talents weil. WWE’s downfall just might be their political BS. Leave that for Washington. Whatever Jomo decides I’ll support him no matter what.

    Great as always.

    • Sorry for the late response Lisa LOL. Anyway, I’m pretty pissed about his booking but IDK what else to think. His cryptic tweets are interesting though.

  2. He’ll be back…. someone has to be at the bottom of the top pile. He could be Drew McIntyred.

  3. **Pause in reading**

    They released Kaval two after Christmas or something like that…

    **continues reading**

    • For years now the WWE releases a lot of guys at Christmas. I guess that’s the time when you’re home with your family…

      • LOL Saves money too. You can mail the Christmas bonuses and the pink slips at the same time, saving on postage costs.

  4. Nathan Jones saved himself money by quitting while WWE was on the Australian tour. Saved himself a $2,000 flight home. boo ya. Always thinking that Nathan Jones!

  5. Excellent read buddy.

    Definitely a double standard, but you have to understand that McMahon is very biased. The reason Del Rio won the title is cause Vince finds him and Ricardo’s segments funny. Very inexcusable IMO.

    If you ask me, Morrison should be given one last shot at the top and if WWE still can’t utilize his talent and do the right thing with him, and Morrison is still unhappy, release him

    • Yeah, I’ve actually read that a few times. Kinda silly. He makes Vince laugh but makes the rest of us fall asleep LOL.

      And I agree with that last statement. He always impresses them but never gets anything for it.

  6. I don`t want John Morrison to go. I do resent the way he is being treated by the WWE. He is such a different wrestler to all the others, unpredictable, sexy, innovative move-sets, high flying, great ground and pound skills, that it is criminal not to use him a lot more. HHH is a narcisist. The COO should be behind a desk somewhere, not in the ring as often as he is. Stop punishing John Morrison. He should be in the ring for much longer matches since he has the fitness levels to do so, unlike MHenry who probably couldn`t last longer than 2 minutes..wrestling. I love John Morrison!!

    • I don’t either but it has gotten to a point where we’ve got to look at it and take it for what it is. Agree with you, the guy is dynamic and unlimited when it comes to his wrestling style. Triple H is indeed a narcissist as is Vince McMahon and his obsession for big oily guys lol.

    • Don’t either but it has gotten to a point where we’ve got to look at it and take it for what it is. Agree with you, the guy is dynamic and unlimited when it comes to his wrestling style. Triple H is indeed a narcissist as is Vince McMahon and his obsession for big oily guys lol.

  7. Yeah WWE. Quit the foreplay and just screw him! I will definitely follow John Morrison in his future endeavors. But the thing is, I think we’re gonna get a Daniel Bryan situation once Morrison is gone. Fans will chant Morrison’s name. We will voice it all out!!! Unlike what idiot writers like Big Nasty and Watry say, he is CHARISMATIC!!!

    • As will I and I’ve contemplated that a lot. Big Nasty has the tendency to be a jackass as does Watry despite the fact that I respect him.

  8. I think that wwe has been boring us with a show that always is the same s****. JoMo remember me Shawn Michaels, and love the way he does. For me, He and CM Punk are the future. But WWE is so focused in Cena, that forget talent peoples like Swagger ( loved the gimnick and heel he was when champion), let goes Mr. Anderson (Mr. Kennedy while in WWE, great figther) to bring us nothing and focus in give us more “bad entertaiment” that good fight as before. I left to see wwe some time ago because of this, but now with CM Punk they recovered another viewer. At the end, the fact is, they must go to the old way when you put wwe to see a fight, not Cena been invencible and JoMo with more talent than others, lose a fight every day to every body

  9. i love jomo’s style & i absolutely hate what the wwe are doing to him. if he has to go, i’ll be sad, but tna or roh will definitely welcome him. i’ll still follow his career, 4 defs

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