WWE: How I would book Daniel Bryan, John Morrison, and Christian’s 2011 Singles Run

Hello Revolutionaries, I apologize for my unnoticeable absence as I felt it was best that I take a week off from writing to gather ideas and prepare future projects. However, I’m back and I felt that it was best for me to address a recurring trend on current WWE programming. You see, I have a problem with the WWE’s booking direction of three of its most prominent Superstars.

Obviously, I am referring to Daniel Bryan, Christian, and John Morrison.

Unless you’ve decided to strap your viewership of the WWE, avoid social networks like twitter, and ignore your colleagues that are wrestling fans, you’d know that these three WWE Superstars have been reduced to losing a number of matches. While Morrison is in his current position because of obvious reasons, there isn’t a particular explanation for the burials of the American Dragon and Captain Charisma.

With this being said, I feel as if programming (particularly the mid card) would be better in general if the WWE would use these superstars to their potential.

Because of this, I’ve prepared booking plans for each superstar. Simply put, I’m going to dabble in fantasy booking and give readers an idea of how I would’ve booked each superstar going forward.

I’m going to start after WWE Money in the Bank (SummerSlam buildup) and stop at Hell in a Cell. This article will start the series and give readers an idea at what I’m trying to do.

SummerSlam Build/Event

Daniel Bryan: The American Dragon has just won the SmackDown MITB briefcase much to the shock of the IWC/WWE Universe. This is where the WWE should start building towards WrestleMania. Yes, I will retain Bryan’s WrestleMania cash in aspirations. Honestly, I enjoyed the mini feud between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. There wasn’t anything I’d change about the build but I would add a match with Christian and the SummerSlam finish would be slightly altered.

Instead of having Wade Barrett go over clean, I would’ve introduced the briefcase into the occasion. I would introduce the typical inadvertent referee bump with Barrett realizing he has a golden opportunity to defeat Bryan with the briefcase. As Barrett swings the briefcase at Bryan, the Dragon would’ve countered it into the Lebell Lock. Bryan would force Barrett to submit but to no avail because of the ref bump.

As Bryan attempts to awake the referee, Barrett would blind side Bryan with the briefcase before using Wasteland for the win. I want to establish Barrett as a threat but allow him to retain his character through the dirty win.

I want to have the heel win the first match here so I can spark a program that’ll run for months and reinvest some interest in both Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett. The MITB briefcase will become a factor at some point but I think you’ll enjoy my continuity of this angle in the next edition.

John Morrison: JoMo returned on the July 25th edition of RAW with an attack on R-Truth. Thing is, for someone who injured your neck (twice) and cost you months off your career, the attack was lackluster. Morrison would still attack Truth but it would get to a point where security would have to intervene for the safety of Truth. Simply put, I would have JoMo introduce a chair while placing Truths head in it.

It would be like the “eye for an eye” saying.

This is where the security comes in and separates Morrison from Truth. To sell the attack, Truth would use a frightened facial expression while JoMo is pulled away. To progress the feud, I would give Morrison some promo time. For this to work, Morrison has to display emotion. JoMo has to display that anger and hatred for R-Truth to a point where fans can feel it.

Morrison would invite Truth to the ring to exact revenge. In typical heel fashion, Morrison’s pleas would go unanswered with Morrison deciding to pursue Truth backstage. Once Morrison gets to the backstage area, I would have Truth attack him from behind. The two would brawl once again with security separating the two before any significant damage to either superstar could occur.

On the following RAW, I would book a tag match with JoMo and Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth. I would have A Ry pin Dolph as Truth and Morrison are on the outside. As Riley celebrates, I’d have Truth blast Riley with his infamous water bottle while Morrison and Truth begin to brawl again. Once again, security would intervene but this time I would introduce Triple H.

Hunter would state his frustration with Truth/Morrison and their constant brawling. He’s going to give both what they want and that’s a singles match at SummerSlam.

At SummerSlam, I would have Morrison seconds away from winning the match with his RKS (Running Knee Strike) only for Truth to avoid it and exit the ring. Morrison would pursue Truth only to be struck with Truth’s water bottle, causing a disqualification win for Morrison. Truth continues to attack JoMo on the outside while Morrison fights back.

The brawl makes it way to the stage where Morrison throws Truth onto the pavement. As Truth is seemingly unconscious, I would have Morrison utilize one of his parkour spots to cause significant damage to Truth. It would have to be something that would absolutely shock the crowd while leaving both incapacitated.

To sell the spot, I would have Truth wheeled out on a stretcher while Morrison refuses and tries to leave the arena on his own.

The reason for this is to establish some toughness/street cred Morrison’s current character is lacking. By having him perform a “dangerous spot” and being able to leave the arena under his own weight would hopefully establish Morrison as tough for the audience kind of like Owen Hart breaking Stone Cold Steve Austin’s neck.

Christian: Captain Charisma is the World Heavyweight Champion after winning the title via disqualification at WWE Money in the Bank. Since the WWE has already established Orton’s anger issues, I would continue that angle with the Viper trying to get his hands on Christian.

Orton would receive his mandatory rematch but the type of match would be decided by Christian/Orton. To make things interesting, I would have both take on face/heels in matches where the superstar who could defeat the opponent faster would win. I want to retain the interest of fans by having Orton/Christian chose the others opponents pick your poison style. Christian would Mark Henry while Randy would choose Sheamus. In the Christian/Sheamus matchup, Sheamus would win by count out as Captain Charisma would walk out. On the other hand, Orton would be moments away from victory with Christian attempting to interfere.

Christian would inadvertently spear Orton after Henry dodges him. The World’s Strongest Man would then crush Christian with the WSS while Orton is stirring on the outside. Orton would announce a No Holds Barred match for SummerSlam while Christian instantly shows sign fear and distraught.

I would then book Christian vs. Sheamus with Orton and Barrett on commentary. I would create conflict at ringside with Christian throwing Daniel Bryan into Orton. Randy would attack Christian which would lead to Christian gaining the DQ victory with Barrett attacking Orton before he can cause any significant damage to Christian.

As Christian slithers out of harm’s way, Orton would RKO Barrett while destroying the equipment at ringside.

On the final SmackDown before SummerSlam, I would book Christian and Cody Rhodes vs. Ezekiel Jackson and Randy Orton. After disposing of Rhodes, Christian would defeat Orton with the Killswitch. As Christian flees with the World Championship, a seething Orton would RKO Rhodes through the announce table.

While Orton decimates Cody, Christian announces a surprise for SummerSlam and assures fans that they don’t want to miss this.

I would book this to give the match a little unpredictability with Christian proving that he can beat Orton.

At SummerSlam, I would keep the Edge/Christian segment intact with Edge walking out on Christian. Towards the end of the matchup, Edge runs down to assist Orton by momentarily distracting Christian. Orton charges at Christian but Captain Charisma avoids contact.

Orton almost strikes Edge but stops only for Christian to roll up Orton with a handful of tights. Christian smirks at Edge while grasping the World Championship.

The reason I went with this strategy is to book a triple threat match at Night of Champions. This will keep SD with compelling programming for a few months and would buy the Creative team more time to create plans for WrestleMania.

You’ll have check out the next installments in this unique series to find out how I would book JoMo, Christian, and Daniel Bryan for NOC and its build that’ll eventually lead towards Hell in a Cell. Who knows, I may push this series to the Royal Rumble or WrestleMania 28 if I come up with some compelling programs.



  1. hmm, interesting. Love the read, and you make perfect sense, but I do have a difference in opinion for the most part.

    I think you’re mainly right about Bryan losing to Wade Barrett. There should be cheating, but it would be awesome if it was for the briefcase and Barrett one — and later lost it back to Bryan. These two need a long-term feud, as both of them would benefit as they’re not doing much right now.

    I’m no Russo mark, but a swerve as necessary for the Orton-Christian feud. In my opinion, Orton should have been the one to turn as he’s much better as a heel. I’d have Christian tease a heel-turn, and have Orton turn suddenly. I don’t think Edge is necessary — or relevant — for this. They spoiled a possible angle in one segment at SummerSlam.

    “Randy would attack Orton which would lead to Christian gaining the DQ victory.” Being a smartass, why would Orton attack himself? (just kidding of course).

    JoMo should definitely show some intensity, but your feud was quite one-sided with Morrison completely dominating Truth. Remember: Truth’s momentum couldn’t really take it at the time. I think they both should have dominated each other to a point that they both were taken out on a stretcher. Plus, if Morrison is leaving, WWE doesn’t really want to build him up only to take him off television.

    • Yeah lol. It was more of, hypothetically speaking with Morrison and I could see how I made Truth seem the fall guy. Damn, mistake on my part lol. I really contemplated the MITB switch and I may administer it in my next installment

      • I’ll be waiting lol. i really like these things, very interesting and creative. But it’s annoying to think that one man can book better than the entire WWE creative team even if there are a few flaws every now and then.

  2. Very interesting. Loved this. I’m not quite sure about Bryan losing to Barrett at SummerSlam, even if Barrett won dirty. Bryan had just won MitB while Barrett hadn’t been relevant since he won the Intercontinental Champion.

    I’d book the Christian/Orton feud like that, probably, with maybe a few changes, but that was pretty much perfect.

    With the Morrison/Truth feud, I think Morrison came off looking as too strong while Truth looked a bit too weak. I’d have Truth lay out Morrison one of those weeks, maybe the one in which he baited JoMo into going backstage and then attacked him from behind.

    I’m looking forward to the next one, broski.

    • Thanks bro. Maybe I did want to bring Morrison in a little too strong as I was thinking about the attacks on JoMo but you and Cool are right. Yeah, I was originally going to have Bryan win but I want to push this feud to a point where both come out on fire bro!

  3. Love the article,

    Couldn’t have said it better. I’m not a Daniel Bryan fan so I have no comment on him, ( I know shocking ), Christian, I’ve been a fan of since his EC days and I hope WWE does something with him instead of this nonsense they have him at now.

    Now onto my future husband and fellow Libra Jomo, I think WWE should have went to the moon with this fured he had with Truth, but instead they ruined it by not capitalizing on this potential fued. Just when you thought WWE was doing something good with this storyline, they give us their version of the Miami Dolphins, ( then again so does Jomo record, sorry Jomo. ). I read an article on wwe.com about Jomo getting his mojo back and I’m hoping something incredible is going to happen for Jomo. He deserves something big. And let the brother have some creative control over his character.

    Do you believe in Jomo ? Do you believe in Bryan, Christian Jomo ?
    Stay tune for the next episode of THE WWE IS RIGHT OR WRONG right here on Rizesavior.wordpress .com. weekdays and weekends check your local internet provider.


    • I was about to ask you about it. I think it’s great and a positive sign.

  4. Great article, bro. Cool stuff, looking forward to the next edition.

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