WWE Survivor Series 2011: Preview and My Finishes

WWE Survivor Series 2011 has revolved around one matchup. John Cena and The Rock taking Awesome Truth in what will be Dwayne Johnson’s first wrestling match in seven years! Normally, the thought of Dwayne lacing up the boots for one more match would delight any pro wrestling fan. However, I’ve found the build for this big four pay per view to be lackluster and foolishly booked to a point where the WWE acted out of lack of knowledge while compensating fans with predictable programming.

Because of this, I feel it’s only right for me to provide readers with an alternative. My plan isn’t intricate whatsoever; I will discuss each matchup while creating the finishes that will play a necessary role in future storylines.


Team Barrett vs. Team Orton:

I expect great things from the competitors in this match with Team Orton prevailing. However, if I was deciding the finish, Team Barrett would triumph over Team Orton as the winners. You see, the WWE has done exceptionally well in reestablish Wade Barrett over the course of several weeks. The Englishman has compiled an exquisite set of wins over the likes of Sheamus and Randy Orton. If the WWE has a long term plan for Barrett, his team should pick up the win here. With the likes of Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, and Jack Swagger sharing the spotlight at Survivor Series, it would be reasonable to have them go over as it’ll be great for their future.

My Finish: Sheamus would be counted out or disqualified after pinning Rhodes. This would leave Barrett and Orton to decide a winner. Obviously, Randy would need to save face as the chance of him putting over Barrett cleanly is slim to none. Barrett would utilize a dirty tactic (interference, low blow etc.) and finish Orton with the Wasteland.

Beth Phoenix vs. Eve:

I must say, the WWE hasn’t given me a reason to care for their Divas Division, thus explaining why I’ll keep this rather short. A stipulation was recently added to this match with Phoenix defending her Divas Championship in a LumberJill’s matchup. I feel as if both competitors will put on an exquisite match, echoing their performance at Vengeance but Phoenix will/should retain regardless. The primary reason for Phoenix’s retention is the impending feud between Phoenix and Natalya.

My Finish: Beth doesn’t need dirty tactics to defeat Eve Torres but I would have the babyface Divas interfere on Eve’s behalf when Phoenix is tossed outside of the squared circle. However, Beth will overcome this and retain the Glam Slam.

Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison:

This match will be the entertaining confrontation on this card. The problem is, the Internet (and the live audience too) will be too focused on Zack Ryder instead of enjoying the potential match of the year candidate. Yes, Ryder was able to persuade thousands to sign his petition for a U.S. Title match. However, Ryder has already partaken in two U.S. Championship matches with Ziggler and failed to capture the coveted championship. On the other hand, Morrison’s placement in this match was to thrust the support for Ryder to new levels. I don’t understand why Ryder’s fans fail to realize this but I believe Ryder will become Champion soon. Anyway, John Morrison has regained his “mojo” and intends of winning his first United States Championship this Sunday. The Shaman of Sexy picked up his first win in three months after defeating the Champion with a surprise crucifix. Because of the increased coverage of Morrison, his title match Sunday, and win over Ziggler last week, I believe Mr. Parkour is here to stay. This Sunday, John Morrison wins the United States Championship. The subsequent feud with Ryder will determine if Zack will be Santino Marella 2.0 or a potential main eventer. On the other hand, Dolph Ziggler will finally ascend to the top card.

Everybody wins

My Finish: I can’t decide on a solid finish to this matchup but I expect Ryder to be at ringside or involved nonetheless. It can go the simply route with Morrison defeating Ziggler with the Starship Pain or Morrison using a dirty tactic as a face (see Edge vs. Randy Orton RAW 2004 Intercontinental Championship) while disposing of Ryder after his win.

Mark Henry vs. Big Show:

The battle for the World Heavyweight Championship has certainly been a noteworthy one. I must say, these two put on one of the best big man matches I’ve watched in quite some time. However, I have a problem with the WWE using Daniel Bryan to progress the feud between these two. Anyway, I do feel as if these guys will put on another great match with Mark Henry retaining his World Championship.

My Finish: Mark Henry defeats Big Show clean.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk:

This feud has been repetitive and unbearable. It’s absolutely one sided and I quietly wait for the day it finally ends. As entertaining as CM Punk is, even he cannot make Alberto Del Rio slightly interesting. On the other hand, how many times has this match been given away on RAW? If I’m not mistaken, these two have already faced off on three occasions (on RAW). Anyway, I expect Alberto Del Rio to retain his WWE Championship but my booking plan differs.

My Finish: CM Punk defeats Del Rio cleanly for the WWE Championship. Therefore these two can face off at TLC and end this feud immediately.

The Miz and R-Truth vs. John Cena and The Rock:

Referencing what I stated above, this pay per view revolves around this match. Excuse me; this pay per view revolves around The Rock. The build for this pay per view has saw the other three competitors take on each other in handicap and tag team matches while the other guy sends his condolences via satellite. The matches have been lackluster while Awesome Truth have been dominated or needed to cheat to defeat Cena. So I ask the question, why is the Rock needed when Cena can beat them on his own? Anyway, Cena and Rock will display some friction throughout the matchup but they’ll pick up the win regardless.

My finish: The Rock and Cena will win clean but one has to attack the other after the match concludes. I still don’t think the WWE has the testicular fortitude to turn Cena heel but I would have him drop Rock with an Attitude Adjustment. However, Cena would not show any happy facial expressions like the last time he gave Dwayne an Attitude Adjustment. Cena will display some anger while quietly leaving Rock unconscious in the ring while giving the crowd a blank stare as he exits.

By doing this, it will create buzz about a possible heel turn thus causing fans to watch RAW the next night.


(The U.S. Title may change this weekend/tonight. If it does, I predict Ryder to finally win the U.S. Championship)


WWE: A Week in Review

Hello Revolutionaries.

For some time now, I’ve been trying to find a way where I could discuss and give my expert opinion on RAW/SD Results and wrestling news in one well thought out, entertaining, and insightful article. Because of time constraints, I’ve always been opposed to the idea but I’ve recently warmed up to the idea. Considering the level of mediocrity when it comes to this week’s programming, I felt this was a great opportunity to set this idea a blaze with its first edition.

First of all, here are some general (and brief) thoughts on Monday Night RAW.

RAW: I wasn’t surprised by the reception/delivery of this week’s RAW as the show was taped and the WWE has a tendency of producing lackluster shows in the UK. Anyway, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler put on the match of the night. Live reports say this match was well received and most UK fans were generally into this match. Thing is, this didn’t translate too well on television as the crowd was clearly dead/silent.

The eye opener was Morrison winning the matchup. It changed my handling of Morrison’s contract situation as I thought he was leaving the company. Apparently, the saga continues and I’ll get to that momentarily.

Ziggler looked great as usual and I’m assuming the WWE is building towards a Ryder vs. JoMo vs. Ziggler in a U.S. title match at Survivor Series.

Kofi Kingston being squashed by Del Rio is obviously a result of Evan Bourne’s wellness violation. I’m against the guilty by association mindset the WWE is using when handling this. On the other hand, having Del Rio squash random mid carders isn’t helping his character. The WWE needs to realize that fans just don’t care about Berto.

It’s sad but it’s the truth.

Punk absolutely destroyed Del Rio on the microphone. Some blame Del Rio’s accent but I beg to differ.

Kevin Nash’s promo absolutely sucked and he was discombobulated for the majority of it.

Brodus Clay’s debut being pushed back to next week doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not hopping on the Clay bandwagon as he has yet to impress me (but I am hopping on the Ziggler bandwagon).

The Kelly/DOD segment wasn’t relevant at all and I could’ve done without it.

The main event was a typical tag team match with a pretty lackluster finish to be honest.

SmackDown: SmackDown once again topped RAW as the better show watch/digest. Orton should eliminate the predictable comebacks on his promos. Christian was entertaining as usual but I still feel he should’ve been the one to remain face while Orton turned heel.

Sheamus and Christian put on another watchable match with Sheamus triumphing over Christian with the Celtic cross. Personally, I understand the WWE’s thought process and the fact that they’re trying to establish Sheamus as the guy on SmackDown. However, Christian could’ve used this win. Logically, the heel would pin the face at least one to establish some credibility for the heel and the face when he finally defeats him. Sheamus destroying Christian in every encounter is destroying Christian’s credibility/relevance while providing predictable and repetitive programming to fans.

Having Mark Henry put Daniel Bryan over as gutsy displays a little intelligence on the WWE’s part but it doesn’t last.

Random Ezekiel Jackson promo that is totally irrelevant as Cody squashed him week in and week out.

Originally, I perceived this Teddy Long/Aksana flirtation as her plotting to rid Long of his position as SmackDown General Manager. However, the WWE has displayed a profound amount of ignorance and confusion with these segments. The inclusion of Alicia Fox only furthers along the confusion and randomness of these segments.

Ted Dibiase squashed Jinder Mahal.

I guess it’s somewhat intelligent that the WWE allowed Daniel Bryan to administer a little offense to the World’s Champion. However, Henry destroyed Bryan in less than three minutes and I’m still trying to figure out what the WWE is doing with Daniel Bryan. To those optimistic smarks that feel this is anything but the WWE using Bryan to progress the Show/Henry program, I say open your eyes.

Big Show randomly squashed three local jobbers. I guess this was supposed to impress Mark Henry?

Tamina vs. Alicia Fox was a passable Divas match. I must say, Alicia is a victim of the Anderson effect (random face/heel turn at any moment). Alicia won while Natalya randomly bashed her on commentary.

Oh my God, Mexican America has joined World Wrestling Entertainment. Seriously, I like the trio of Hunico, Epico, and Primo and it was obvious that these guys had chemistry. The Usos were great as usual and I like the trio of finishers Jey received after the match was over.

Randy Orton and Wade Barrett was an okay matchup. The fact that Wade Barrett won displays the fact that the WWE is trying to get the wheels rolling on Barrett and this push. This also gives Team Barrett a little credibility going into Survivor Series as most would expect a squash matchup (I still do).


John Morrison removed from tour dates: I’m pretty sure everyone has read about this considering every prominent dirt sheet has published four articles on it each day. Honestly, I have yet to figure this situation out as everything kayfabe wise suggests that Morrison has/will resign. I apologize for being a skeptic but there’s something about this situation that isn’t clicking with me. Dave Meltzer reporting that friends felt Morrison was going to TNA is ridiculous. John Morrison resides in Los Angeles, California.

Impact Wrestling is taped in Tampa, Florida.

Morrison would be traveling to the other side of the country to wrestle. I find that a far-fetched but I wouldn’t be surprised if he does leave the WWE in the imminent future but all signs point to a agreement.

Sheamus wants Undertaker at WrestleMania 28: This doesn’t surprise me at all. Originally, I picked Undertaker to face Sheamus, Wade Barrett, or Randy Orton in his final. It’s a strong possibility that it’ll be one of those names. Like I stated above, Sheamus is going to be one of the WWE’s biggest stars. The Undertaker rub at WrestleMania is unmatched and Sheamus’ career would benefit from it.

Cody Rhodes gimmick change: Initially, I read about this a few weeks ago. Nothing came to fruition and I quietly ignored the report. However, Cody began removing his mask and wrestling house shows without it so I considered it possible. That’s when Downstait stated that they were recording a new theme for Rhodes and I’ve been waiting for the change ever since.

I wonder what it’ll be. A nefarious gimmick similar to that of Chris Jericho would be refreshing.

John Laurinaitis Future Endeavors shirt released: Why? This is seriously a comedic tactic so the WWE can sell some extra t-shirts. Unfortunately, fans will think it’s humorous and purchase one.

Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal on Superstars: SmackDown worthy match that should’ve replaced Christian and Sheamus. Most of the live reports say Bryan pissed himself. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this matchup.

Christian injured: This is definitely a horrible time for Christian to suffer an injury. It is believed that he either sprained or broke his ankle. If it’s broken, Christian will need a replacement for Survivor Series as he is a prominent figure on Team Barrett. Christian is the all around best superstar on SmackDown so it would difficult to replace him but logic says add someone like Brodus Clay in his place.

Well that’s all for today folks. Be sure to like this page, subscribe to my blog, and read all my other post. Like EGW on Facebook, follow EGW on Twitter, vote in the EvE series.

And take care; most of you don’t have hair.

Woo Woo Woo, I’ll own you.

WWE RAW Review 10/24/11: An Electrifying Show

Hello Revolutionaries, welcome to my RAW review and I must say, I enjoyed tonights RAW as the last two were absolutely nauseating. Initially, I expected a poor show considering WWE’s track record of dropping the ball when it comes to the RAW that follows a pay per view. Nonetheless, RAW was definitely pre planned and it was obvious considering the overall quality of the show.

Unsurprisingly, Triple H opens the show and apparently, he’s here to discuss Kevin Nash and his shocking attack last night (that was sarcasm). He discusses having his heart broken and subliminally mentions the Kliq while shockingly leaving out Scott Hall. I wonder why he didn’t mention Kevin Nash almost breaking his collarbone with that botched Jackknife last night.

Triple H’s tirade continues with him wanting to kick Nash’s ass until Laurinaitis interrupts. Why hasn’t this guy bought himself some cough drops or layoff the cigarettes already? It’s obviously destroying his voice.

Triple H threatens Ace and wants him to retire Nash or else. Hunter tries to leave but Nash shockingly (sarcasm) attacks Trips with a sledgehammer. Wow! A Triple H segment that didn’t last longer than 20 minutes!


Apparently, a sledgehammer shot to the back cause’s seizures. As Triple H is being carted onto an ambulance, Kevin Cash returns and administers a sledgehammer shot the face of a unconscious Triple H. It’s funny that Triple H was basically kissing the ground considering he has made a career out of doing it to others.


After a string or replays, the first match commences in Randy Orton and Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes and Christian. I’m going to pretend like Rhodes/Christian ever had a chance in this matchup but it was still solid nonetheless. I admire Sheamus for improvising the finish as it was apparent that he was supposed to connect with the Brogue Kick but a botch saw Sheamus utilize the Celtic cross instead.

Honestly, I’m surprised Rhodes was the one that got pinned. Considering Vince’s indifference towards Christian and his track record as of late, you’d think Christian would be the one to fall victim to Sheamus again.

Afterwards, Laurinaitis is apparently arguing with Stephanie McMahon over the events that transpired earlier in the evening. Otunga still can’t seem to get over his obsession of shopping at Sears and sipping on imitation coffee. Cena storms in and is actually very entertaining here.

I love the fact that he mentioned Ace’s skateboard days.

Unsurprisingly, Cena wants Awesome Truth and Laurinaitis will choose his partner.

After a commercial break, Santino is in the ring for a squash but I was utterly surprised when Ziggler’s theme music hit. The match was better than I expected but I find it strange that Ziggler needed an assist from Swagger to beat a comedic jobber like Santino Marella.  ZigSwag attacks Marella after the matchup until Mason “Batista” Ryan makes the save. Are you guys surprised? I told you, Vince McMahon’s bodybuilder fetish always prevails over pushing someone who is bringing in money like Zack Ryder.

The Bella’s and Zack Ryder are backstage as Ryder announces he’s Cena’s partner against Awesome Truth in the main event? Zack Ryder is in the RAW main event? You can’t be serious bro!

Alberto Del Rio is out next for his victory speech after his win over Cena at Vengeance. Unsurprisingly, the crowd doesn’t care about Alberto. Del Rio cuts his normal promo, proclaiming that he’s the best and unbeatable. You know you can’t call yourself the best without CM Punk taking exception to it.

The Voice of the Voiceless reminds Alberto that he has beaten him on a number of occasions while he has yet to receive his one on one rematch for the WWE Championship. Punk requests a rematch and Del Rio unsurprisingly turns the offer down. However, Punk threatens to put Rio to sleep with brings about the addition of Johnny Ace.

Laurinaitis proposes Punk/Del Rio for Survivor Series only if Punk says that he respects him. Punk cracks a number of jokes before Laurinaitis offers Punk one more chance. Punk unleashes his serious side and states that Funkman has done so little and gained so much. Laurinaitis doesn’t think Punk’s words are good enough and states that he’ll take another week to contemplate granting Punk a shot.

Punk attacks Del Rio with Ricardo Rodriguez attempting to make the save. Punk drops Ricardo with a GTS as stares a departing Alberto Del Rio.

Anyway, we have Natalya vs. Alicia Fox with the most noteworthy portion of this entire segment being the awful new theme of Alicia Fox. It’s almost as bad as that new theme Eve debuted at Vengeance. To be honest, I looked away for a few seconds and it was over. Fortunately for me, I caught the replay and I was surprised to see Alicia picking up the win after a rollup.


I’m actually surprised to see Morrison come out as he mentioned his Out of Your Mind fitness DVD on Twitter earlier today. Nonetheless, it’s always delightful to see the Prince of Parkour in action but I was shocked when his opponent was revealed. Wade Barrett is apparently being pushed again and Morrison is going to be his next victim (after Daniel Bryan of course).

The match started off pretty good with some nice back and forth action that spilled to the arena floor. Barrett throws Morrison into the fan barrier as we cut to a commercial break.

Honestly, it’s shocking that a Morrison match made it to a commercial break.

After the commercial break, the two had a pretty good matchup with Morrison finally looking decent after the series of squashes he has been victim of. However, Barrett picks up the win with the Wasteland. Barrett botched his first attempt by not being able to catch Morrison.

It was difficult to improvise as fans already caught on to the slip.

Cole and Lawler are discussing what happened to Triple H until Cole spontaneously discusses/bashes Jim Ross in front of the live audience. Cole shows a number of photo shopped pictures of Jim Ross before his issues a challenge to the Hall of Famer. Cole states that if JR beat him on next week’s RAW, he would quit his announcing position and JR can have his place back.

Zack Ryder is discussing the RAW main event with Josh Matthews before Awesome Truth attacks him.  You didn’t think Vince McMahon would allow Ryder to main event RAW did you? After the attack, Awesome Truth cuts a promo stating that no one is safe as they mock Triple H’s misfortune and inform Cena that he can’t rise above them.

Laurinaitis announces a handicap match as Ryder is unable to compete. This was a typical Cena match except for Awesome Truth displaying their cleverness by continually tagging out. As Cena was closing in on a victory, R-Truth reintroduces his water bottle to Cena’s cranium which gives Cena a win by DQ.

Awesome Truth continues the attack on Cena before Laurinaitis has it broken up by security. The Executive VP of talent relations announces a tag team match for Survivor Series that will feature Awesome Truth taking on Cena and a partner of his choice. Cena unsurprisingly chooses Rock as his partner.

Overall thoughts:

This was a pretty good RAW but I felt the Triple H/Nash fiasco should’ve been cut short and we didn’t need a million replays over the course of the episode. I’m questioning WWE’s decision to keep Air Boom off of television for two weeks in a row. I also find it strange that Ziggler took on Marella and the fact that he needed an assist by Swagger to defeat him.

What quality does Mason Ryan possess (besides looking like Batista) that makes him a worthy contender for the U.S. Championship.

Yes, I know I answered my own question there.

Why Kevin Nash still on my television screen? He sucks and doesn’t give a crap about anything but the numbers on his next paycheck.  Why has Natalya become the Christian of the Divas Division as she is basically the Diva to put over the ones on their way up?

Will Sheamus and Orton ever lose a match cleanly again?

Why is the Cena hater at almost every WWE event?

Will John Morrison ever win another WWE match?

Haven’t we had enough of Michael Cole’s shenanigans? However, if it means I only have to listen to his nauseating commentary on SmackDown, I’m all for this matchup.

Will Vince McMahon get Mason Ryan’s underwear out of his teeth long enough to take Ryder seriously?

How long will Triple H be out of action?

Why did the WWE test our intelligence tonight? They announced that Rock and Cena would be teaming up at Survivor Series a few weeks ago. It’s not like we’ll forget something as big as that.

And apparently, RAW is still all about The Game.

WWE Vengeance 2011 Review

Hello Revolutionaries, I am very enthusiastic right now as I actually enjoyed the WWE Vengeance pay per view. Yes, I enjoyed it but it doesn’t mean the pay per view didn’t have it flaws. Anyway, I felt as if I should give you a realistic point of view. Trust me, you’re going to read positive receives as this pay per view was generally received but the problems shouldn’t be ignored. The biggest problem was the lack of build going into the show. It was a solid pay per view but that build is crucial considering it determines if fans will buy your pay per view’s or not.

Anyway, here it is.

Unsurprisingly, the pay per view opens up with Air Boom vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. I figured the WWE wanted to have Ziggler come off as wrestling early in the show so he’ll be relaxed whenever his match with Ryder came later in the night. When Cole stated Ziggler’s match with Zack was immediately after this one, I figured Swagger would work the majority of this match.

This match was a great opener with both teams working exceptionally well with each other. It’s amazing that high flyer’s like Air Boom can sync well with collegiate wrestlers like ZigSwag. I wasn’t surprised when Air Boom got the win as it would be foolish to have Ziggler hold two titles let alone drop down to the tag team division.

AB wins with the TIP/STP combination while Ryder comes out for his U.S. Title match.

This was also a great match and it really displayed the fact that Dolph is a workhouse capable of putting on two great matches back to back. Ryder was also very impressive here and there were some moments where I thought Ryder would pull it off, rendering my prediction inaccurate. I don’t understand why Swagger and Vickie were allowed to stay at ringside because it gave away the finish to be honest.

I must say, Ziggler’s super kick was amazing and it looked as if he legitimately knocked Ryder out with it.

I can’t help but think that it made Ryder look kind of week considering Dolph had already wrestled a match.

Anyway, going into this pay per view, I knew Ryder wouldn’t win because Vinnie Mac’s bodybuilder fetish wouldn’t allow it. If anything, Mason Ryan is going to be the guy to take that U.S. Title off of Ziggler. Let’s not forget that Ryder is racking in loads of money through merchandise sales but apparently, Vince doesn’t think he’s good enough to win the U.S. Championship.

Vince would respond but he’s probably too busy being fondled by Mason.

A random segment featuring Triple H, CM Punk, and Ted Dibiase (briefly) hinted towards a turn by one of the two combatants. To be honest, it almost made me think Triple H was turning heel but it would have made the walkout angle completely irrelevant. Yeah, in case you didn’t notice, the point of it was to get Triple H over as a face and force fans to feel sorry for him.

Yep, it’s all about the Game (literally).

The matchup for the Divas Championship is undoubtedly the Divas match of the year. Eve went out and proved that she was better than Kelly Kelly. In my opinion, she always has been. Even though she lost, Eve looked great in defeat while making Beth look stronger as a Champion.

Next up, we have the Great White vs. Captain Charisma. This was a solid match but nothing stood out here as I was already anticipating the other matches five minutes into it. The WWE could’ve made this a gimmick match because the crowd wasn’t into it at all. Unsurprisingly, Sheamus goes over while Christian takes the pin in another uneventful feud. I felt as if Christian should’ve won this match if they planned on continuing this feud but Vince McMahon’s indifference towards Christian continues.

It’s sickening to watch Christian lose countless matches while portraying this CLB gimmick I’ve always hated.

It sucks.

Miz and R-Truth vs. Triple H and CM Punk was a pretty decent matchup with Awesome Truth picking up the win. I had Trips/Punk winning this but didn’t rule out a Kevin Nash sighting here and that’s exactly what happened. Why is this piece of crap still on my television screen? Modern fans don’t know who the hell he is and apparently those watching at home don’t either. Somehow, he always ends up somewhere I don’t want him and is apparently going to be on the opposite team vs. Rock/Cena at Survivor Series.

Anyone else notice that Nash botched his jackknife powerbomb?

Yeah, I’m sooooo excited for that matchup….

Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton put on a decent pay per view match that didn’t live up to the expectations I had for it. It seemed like any other match the two have had to be honest. Randy Orton isn’t losing three straight pay per views so I wasn’t surprised when he got the win after an RKO.


Big Show vs. Mark Henry was really an eye opener as most fans predicted it to be a slow and uneventful match considering the size of the competitors. However, these two put on a pretty good big man matchup that ended with both retaining some momentum. To be honest, I saw the suplex spot coming a mile away. When Henry climbed the ropes I considered it already set and stone even though he got choke slammed. I wonder what Brock Lesnar has to say about this.

His peanut size brain wouldn’t allow anything over a kindergartener’s comprehension.

It was a great way to sell the impact of the suplex by introducing hospital personnel and the General Managers. Laurinaitis wasn’t exactly needed as we knew the WWE Title match would still take place.

Oh and he still absolutely, positively, undoubtedly, unquestionably, completely suck.

The WWE Champion comes out first to no reaction (as usual). Cena comes out to one of the biggest pops of the night while I question why the WWE Champion came out first. Anyway, Cena has some new attire that is undoubtedly better than that red crap he had been wearing. The rise above hate moniker is fitting as a guy had a “We Hate Cena” shirt on a Cena noticed.

Anyway, the match was pretty good with Del Rio being assisted by Awesome Truth and the WWE Championship. Fortunately, John Cena is apparently out of the WWE Title picture while unfortunately, Alberto Del Rio is still the WWE Champion.

Awesome Truth apparently created a reason for Cena to team with Rock at Survivor Series and basically confirmed the fact that we’re going to need a bulldozer to unbury them after facing Trips/Rock/Cena next month.

On the other hand, WWE is probably going to push a feud between Punk and Del Rio, The thing is, how long have these guys been in the WWE title picture? How many times have the faced off on free TV this year? Why would anyone want to purchase a pay per view that these two are headlining?


Can we get some fresh talent in the title picture please? There’s a guy named Dolph Ziggler that wouldn’t do too bad if given an opportunity.

Overall thoughts:

Why is CM Punk still losing pay per view matches? Why is Ziggler going to drop the U.S. Championship to Mason Ryan instead of Zack Ryder? Why is Alberto Del Rio WWE Champion? Why would anyone be interested in Punk facing Del Rio? Did Orton have to win tonight? Did Sheamus have to win tonight?

Where was John Morrison for God sakes?

Solid pay per view like I stated above but the build could’ve been better.

WWE’s Conscience: A Fan’s Tribute to The Undertaker


The Undertaker, the seven-time World Champion and the WWE’s Last Outlaw, has become one of the most beloved WWE Superstars in history.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably asking yourself, “Rize is an Undertaker fan?” “Isn’t this the same guy that worships the likes of John Morrison and the high flying genre?” “How could he possibly be a fan of the Last Outlaw?”

Excuse my nostalgia as I would like to take you back to a special moment for yours truly. It’s 1996, like any normal kid at the time, I found myself glued to my TV screen, as I pale guy with a zombie like demeanor made his way towards a wrestling ring.

There isn’t a grave to keep this fan away. (personal)

As I observed, my older sibling rebelled in the guy’s appearance (mark out), I was instantly amazed by this Superstar, but it would soon be overcome with another emotion.

FEAR (the one emotion synonymous with the enigma known as Undertaker)

The theme that echoed the sound of a bell signifying a departure of this life didn’t help my state of mind. Who (or whatever) this man was, he exposed my fear like no movie featuring Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers ever could.

This was the first time I’d ever witnessed Undertaker (and pro wrestling for that matter).


The Undertaker’s profound effect on me lead to me avoiding WWF programming and finding WCW as a worthy alternative.  Picking up Sting, DDP, and Booker-T as favorites along the way, I chimed in on WWF RAW at least three times.

Funny thing is, each time, I’d find myself staring at my TV screen, enamored by the one and only, Undertaker.

Some occurrences would be the infamous crucifying of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the kidnapping of Stephanie McMahon. When World Championship Wrestling folded in 2001, I viewed my first WWF pay-per-view in WrestleMania 17.

To my surprise, the satanic, sinister, undead being known as Undertaker had undergone a character change.

In a highly contested match with Triple H, I observed the new Undertaker. He seemed taller, his skin was normal and his attire seemed as if he’d been apart of a biker gang.

In the months that succeeded WrestleMania 17, I’d become accustom to Undertaker and his superiority over most of the WWF Superstars.

This type of Superstar only comes once in a lifetime.

Undertaker is the first form of professional wrestling to ever cycle my train of thought. Despite my obsession with others, Undertaker will always be a favorite amongst yours truly.


Undertaker is an all-around great superstar/human being.

Unlike his colleagues from the 90s, Undertaker has stood the true test of time. The Deadman has remained in the WWE (WWF) since his debut in 1990. Over 20 years of the strenuous life of WWE Superstar hasn’t pushed Undertaker to the edge of retirement just yet.

In the process, maintaining his reputation as a loyal WWE Superstar. Numerous Superstars have come and gone since 1990(Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, The Rock, Austin) while Undertaker has never left the WWE since his run began.

I think Triple H said it best. “16 years ago, I walked into that locker room for the first time. It was filled with Legends and future icons of this business. I saw one guy that stood head and shoulders above everybody else. One guy that I could clearly see was the glue that held this all together. I watched that guy do things that no human being should be able to do. I watched him duck tape a flack jacket to himself because he broken every rib and still was going to the ring that night. I watched him wrestle with broken bones, torn ligaments, and I watched him crush one entire side of his face and wrestle the next night.”


“He did it not because he was told to or because he had to because that’s who he was. I learned that if I should pattern myself after anybody in this business, it should be that guy. He represented everything that the WWE was and should be.”

Can YOU adapt?

Despite having a number of attributes, Undertaker is famous for his ability to adapt. The Last Outlaw debuted as a power house that was glorified for his speed and renowned striking ability. At his size, it’s not walk in the park to obtain as a great in ring technician.

But the sight of a 300-pound man diving over the top ropes onto Batista can change the thinking of any fan.

Besides this, Undertaker has added elements of MMA and submission wrestling to his arsenal. With the inclusion of the Hell’s Gate, Undertaker has seemingly cheated ageby discontinuing the use of the choke slam and Last Ride.

Simply put, Undertaker can tell a story in the ring like no one (besides HBK) can.

The ultimate sign of respect, dedicated to the world of pro wrestling.

If not anything featured in this article, every pro wrestling fan must respect Undertaker for kayfabe. In case you missed my point, Undertaker possesses the greatest gimmick in the history of professional wrestling.

Undertaker has never brokenkayfabe. Despite the potential to make millions of dollars through promotional or other potential business deals. Instead, Undertaker decided to retain his character and refrain from opportunities of financial gain.

For this, Undertaker will always have my utmost respect.

Eulogy: A fan’s final goodbye

I apologize if you were expecting more, but this is a one of a kind tribute to Undertaker. Now that his time in the squared circle is coming to an end, I found it appropriate to commemorate the career of the Deadman with this article.

Looking ahead to the future, I realize that Undertaker has one more match left in him. WrestleMania 28 will truly be epic. The night the Deadman cemented his status as arguably the greatest wrestler of all time.

In closing, I must its going to be extremely difficult to watch the WWE knowing you’ll never witness Undertaker destroy another opponent.

So it shall end, as it began.

With the irreplaceable ringing of the bell tolling the end of a life (career), but ain’t no grave can hold his body down.

WWE Through Kaleidoscope: Punk, Austin and the Dissection of Two Eras


As we sank deeper into the “family friendly” and predictable antics of the PG Era, we found salvation in the likes of an unlikely hero known as CM Punk. It has been two months since Punk cut his infamous “shoot” on RAW and the WWE has undergone a drastic change since.

WWE programming has revolved around CM Punk and John Cena since, while introducing the forgotten art of media influence. Simply put, the WWE has done everything in its power to legitimize their recent efforts by inserting real-life events into the forthcoming era.

And who better to be the proverbial flag-bearer than the Second City Saint, CM Punk.

Punk’s influence and spectacular personality has added more edge, unpredictability and real life controversy into WWE programming. At the same time, Punk has drawn comparisons to a similar (but different) anti-hero in Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Austin was the face of the WWE during the Attitude Era.

The similarities between the flag-bearers and their respective eras have sparked a considerable amount of speculation as of late.

In turn, Jacob Waring presented the task of comparing the two eras and to prove why Punk and TV-PG are better than Austin and TV-14.

How do you best perfection?

Remember, I’ll be focusing on can the Reality Era be better than the Attitude Era. At this point, it’s too early to proclaim the Reality Era as the better.

While it’s almost impossible to do so, I’ve dissected both eras/superstars and have orchestrated the following piece.



Chapter 1: The Boss


While Austin ushered in the Attitude Era, his feud with Vince McMahon was undoubtedly the center piece of WWE programming.

In case you’re a newer WWE fan, I am referring to the beginning of the WWF’s Attitude Era. Before the era came to be, Vince McMahon was a mild-mannered commentator (like Michael Cole before 2010). Fans everywhere knew McMahon was the chairman of the WWF, but McMahon refrained from displaying this on WWF programming.

The hatred spiraling from Vince’s part in the Montreal Screwjob, fueled creative to place Vince on regular programming as “Mr. McMahon.”

At the same time, Stone Cold Steve Austin was the top WWF superstar (besides Shawn Michaels).

Austin’s rebellious attitude often caused the two to clash, sparking one of the greatest rivalries in pro wrestling history.

Currently, a very similar angle is falling into place.

Triple H has taken on the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) while Vince has been “fired.” The COO has occasionally clashed with Punk, sparking disparaging comments about Hunter’s wife and political power backstage.

The introductions of Kevin Nash and Stephanie McMahon have sparked questions concerning Hunter’s involvement in Punk being screwed out of the title at SummerSlam. It seems as if Nash and Stephanie are foreshadowing an inevitable feud between Triple H and CM Punk in the not so distant future. 


Chapter 2: Austin/Rock, Cena/Punk


Initially, the popularity of Stone Cold Steve Austin was seemingly unmatched. While Austin was feuding with Mr. McMahon, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was establishing himself as a future megastar. Despite portraying a heel persona, Rock’s hilarious promos/interviews propelled him to the top card and a face role.

By the time a feud was established between the two, Johnson’s popularity matched that of Austin.

Simply put, Austin was still the head honcho but Rock wasn’t too far behind.

If you observe the current WWE roster, John Cena and CM Punk have taken on the roles of Austin and Rock. Punk’s “shoot” promo has propelled him to new heights, becoming the WWE’s second biggest star behind John Cena.

Rock and Austin were magic together, and the fact that Cena/Punk has already wrestled a five-star match instantaneously proves the two can carry the WWE into a new era. 

Coincidentally, Cena and Punk are likely to face Rock and Austin at WrestleMania 28.


Chapter 3: Attitude/Reality


The Attitude Era can be defined by numerous things. It was a radical shift in programming as the “family friend” antics were as common back then as they were before Punk’s shoot. Heroic characters were replaced by anti-heroes while the WWF rid itself of the family friendly storylines and replaced them with stories that would bring about shock value.

The WWF inserted real-life issues with Vince’s involvement in the Montreal Screwjob, effectively passing programming off as real. The WWF transformed into an edgier form of entertainment that fit the “trash TV” genre that was immensely popular in the late ’90s.

In turn, the WWF attracted the young adult demographic that the previous PG era failed to attract.

The WWE rejuvenated the marketing strategy by having Punk cut his “shoot” promo. In the months that preceded the shoot, rumors of Punk leaving the WWE had significantly risen. The week before the shoot, Punk announced that he was in fact “leaving” and taking the WWE Championship with him.

The company needed the “reality” factor and they got it with Punk.

The young adult demographic is steadily returning to the WWE but I don’t expect a drastic change until a few months down the line.


Chapter 4: The Rattlesnake and the Straight Edge Superstar


These two men portray exceptionally different lifestyles/gimmicks, but are so similar. Austin was the face/draw the WWF needed. Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart were mediocre draws as the top faces of the company while Austin became one of the biggest. Austin was the proverbial “bad boy” who caused fans to anticipate every move he made.

Austin was the anti-hero the Attitude Era needed because he possessed the charisma and attitude the era would have lusted for without him.

Coincidentally, Austin began his rise to superstardom with his Austin 3:16 promo and upset victory over Jake Roberts. Austin utilized profanity and delivered an un-scripted promo that most cite as the first time the WWF delivered “attitude.”

It can be argued that CM Punk was already a star when he delivered his shoot promo, but there’s no denying that it propelled CM Punk to a new level of superstardom. Punk even wore an Austin T-shirt while cutting his promo!

Austin’s 3:16 promo began his rise to the top of the WWF while Punk is still climbing to the top.

I think we’ll have to await the future as Punk has yet to reach his potential.


Chapter 5: Who’s Better? CM Punk or Stone Cold Steve Austin?


When attempting to establish the better of two talents like Punk and Austin, you must examine every aspect of pro wrestling. Basically, you have to question yourself and ask “what makes a great WWE Superstar?”

Mic skills, charisma and wrestling ability are the normal measuring sticks. Thing is, both men excel at each department.

Simply put, it’s like choosing between apples and oranges.

Ultimately, I’ll leave it up for you to decide.

They’re so different, but possess a number of similar qualities that they’re often placed in the same category. With that being said, I’ll handle this topic with no bias and as delicate as humanly possible. 


5.1: Microphone Skills and Charisma


Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest mic workers in WWE history. Austin’s influence over an audience skyrocketed when he picked up a mic. Like The Rock, Austin utilized a number of legendary catch-phrases which were common in his 3:16 promo at King of the Ring 1996.

Being the beer drinking, attitude-filled, tough person he is, Austin ignored the witty comebacks and utilized serious promos during the Attitude Era. He was unrated, vulgar and serious whenever he was cutting a promo. Austin got right down to business on the mic but he could also cut a comedic promo.


On the other hand, CM Punk displays a large amount of intelligence when he’s on the mic. Punk can out-think his adversary by utilizing his superior vocabulary with ease. He has that ease which comes only to the exceptional mic workers. No matter what kind of promo he is given to cut, he does it well.

He can be serious, as he was with Hardy in 2009.

He can be evil, as he was with Mysterio in 2010.

He can be funny, as he was during his announcing stint and during his feud with Cena earlier on this year.

He is all you want in a mic worker, and that is being said, considering the restricted environment he’s working in. Say he had the freedom of content from the Attitude Era; he would have been regarded as the greatest mic worker of all time.


In the charisma department, I think Chinmay summed it up. Punk is a charismatic Superstar but Austin is on a level of his own. 


5.2: In-Ring Ability


The Rattlesnake was also a great worker. Thing is, a SummerSlam match with Owen Hart led to Austin suffering a serious neck injury after a pile driver. The Rattlesnake suffered a broken neck and temporary paralysis that eventually led to his retirement in 2003. Believe it or not, the injury established Austin as the tough guy he was attempting to portray.

Austin was a brawler. It fit the persona he was attempting to portray while Austin was still a great ring worker. The Rattlesnake is probably the most aggressive wrestler to grace a WWE ring as he possessed one of the most unique in-ring psychologies I’ve witnessed.

Punk is also great in the ring.

The most striking feature about his style is that it is so remarkably different from everyone else’s in WWE. It reeks of the independent leagues. That is probably why the IWC seems to be so fascinated with it. I personally am a huge fan of the independents, so that must be why I can appreciate it more than others.

Word has it that Punk was starstruck by the style of NJPW Star Kenta. Punk adopted some forms of his striking from Kenta and his finisher, The Go 2 Sleep.

Simply put, Punk is a master at multiple aspects of wrestling. From submission, striking, technical, high-flying and flashy, Punk can do it all.


Chapter 6: Which Era Is Better? Marketing Ability


Yes, the Attitude Era was indeed the best era profit-wise. Besides this, the Reality Era has just begun and we have yet to realize its potential and the direction WWE will go with this.

Despite this, I firmly believe the Reality Era can surpass it if properly handled. The Attitude Era catered to the adult/young adult demographic which was the hugest factor in their success. On the other hand, the Reality Era can surpass it through their stars.

Of course, CM Punk would be the star for the male/young adult demographic. The fact that all CM Punk related merchandise sold out (excluding the BITW shirt) of WWEShop.com is proper justification to this. Besides, UFC makes millions off the target demographic each year.

Brock Lesnar is the UFC’s biggest draw and that’s because of name recognition. Lesnar rose to prominence in the WWE and it’s safe to say he drew a ton of WWE fans to the UFC.

On the other hand, you have John Cena for the women and kids.

Cena has always appealed to those demographics more than the young adult audience. Now he has Punk to pick up the slack.

The fact that a plethora of fans were willing enough to pay 500 dollars for Punk’s latest shirt, shows the impact he has over that male demographic.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a guy like CM Punk leading an era. He’s the perfect model for kids.

He’s straight edge!


Chapter 7: Wrestling Matters Here


While the Attitude Era was golden storyline-wise, it did not focus on pro wrestling itself. Disregard nostalgia and realize the most memorable AE matches were filled with multiple spots. For example, Mankind vs. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998, wasn’t a match.

It was Mankind taking spots for the better part of 20 minutes.

At SummerSlam, we witnessed a plethora of quality wrestling matches (except Sheamus/Henry).  WWE Money in the Bank saw the WWE receive its first five-star match ratings in years because of John Cena vs. CM Punk.

Ever since MITB, the WWE has seemingly reinvested interest in professional wrestling matches. The simple fact that both World Title matches lasted over 20 minutes, is a kind notion to this. Before this “era,” it was rare for a typical WWE match to last over seven minutes.

In turn, the WWE is attempting to draw fans who watch pro wrestling for the in-ring action. For example, Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate USA flourish because of their classic wrestling matches.  The WWE can take advantage of the strategy of those companies and showcase stars like Punk and Daniel Bryan who would appeal to fans who love a great wrestling match.

Besides Punk and Bryan, there are a ton of mid-carders who possess the wrestling ability to thrill a crowd but don’t have the proper stage to utilize it.


Chapter 8: Better Stage for Showcasing/Opportunity


During the Attitude Era, there wasone World Championship. The WWF title was held by Austin and Rock throughout the majority of the AE, while stars like Triple H, Mankind, Big Show and Kane were subject to mediocre reigns as WWF Champion. Besides this, most didn’t have opportunities to display their ability and show that they could become as big as others.

Currently, there are two shows for WWE Superstars. While SmackDown is considered the B Show, without it, numerous Superstars are likely to have remained in the mid card for the majority of their careers. Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Edge, Batista, Rey Mysterio and even The Undertaker have flourished on the blue brand.

It’s also aiding guys like Daniel Bryan in improving their work and preparing for the main-event level.

Imagine if the Attitude Era had another brand?

CM Punk is a product of another WWE brand. Without ECW, it’s highly likely that CM Punk would’ve never become World Champion while receiving his walking papers before he got an appropriate start. In turn, guys like The Miz, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston were products of the ECW brand.

If they didn’t have ECW to come into their own, it would take away from the current mid-card scene.


Chapter 9: “Real” Programming


Despite the Attitude Era possessing a number of “real” aspects, some things were downright ridiculous and gave fans the idea that programming was lackluster. For example, the gimmick of Gangrel, Christian and The Brood was a little overboard, if I must say—placing something that is subject to mythical and folk tales, subtracted away from the “realism” fans crave.

This wasn’t the only questionable tactic in an era that was supposed to revolve around realism.

On the other hand, WWE has attempted to sell this new era as “real.” For example, the WWE unverified Punk’s Twitter, deleted his Facebook, removed his theme song from ITunes and removed his Superstar page from the website. They allowed Punk to mention ROH, NJPW and other wrestling promotions in the company.

As the WWE Champion, he appeared at Indy shows, crashed WWE’s section of the Comic Con, and mentioned the releases of multiple WWE Superstars last week. Simply put, Punk is living up to the “Voice of the Voiceless” nickname he bestowed upon himself.

The WWE is pushing the envelope with this era as they need to regain the young adult demographic.

Besides, fans love when the Superstars break kayfabe and mention real-life events.

It was rare in this day and age.

Thanks for reading Revolutionaries. This was initially my last article on the Bleacher Report and I transferred it to the Revolution as I knew you would enjoy it. 

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