Possible Update on When John Morrison’s WWE Contract is Expiring

Hello Revolutionaries, I’ve got an interesting piece of news that I think you guys will find helpful. I wanted to report it before the dirtsheets found it as we know their tendency to over exaggerate things. For quite some time now, there have been multiple stories stating John Morrison’s intention to leave the WWE once his contract expires in a few months.

Some fans believe the stories while others feel as if Morrison has already resigned. Whatever the case is, Morrison’s booking as of late mimics that of someone preparing to leave the WWE.

If the stories weren’t enough, one of my friends passed along something he found on the WWE Live Tour page. John Morrison is advertised all the way to January 8th. Then, all of a sudden, his advertising stops.

Morrison is still a commodity when it comes to live events as he and Dolph Ziggler have gotten rave reviews for the string of matches for the U.S. Championship.

I’ve come up with two scenarios. One, Morrison has yet to resign and the WWE decided not to advertise him. On the other hand, Morrison really isn’t planning on resigning with the WWE.

I want you guys to take as a grain of salt because I remember CM Punk being in a similar position a few months ago. I also found it strange that Morrison tweeted this three days ago:

“Has anyone heard anything, that, like, might be true?”

This situation is confusing but I’ve also come up with those possible reasons for his weekly burial. One, they’re planning something big for Morrison so they’re tearing him down to build him back up. And obviously, he’s leaving so they’re trying to strip him of the little relevance he had left.

It’s very confusing at this point.

WWE: Should They Allow the Superstars to Have More Creative Input?


As every single WWE Superstar (excluding the Fantastic Four and K2) walked out on WWE COO, Triple H, I realized that despite the events that just transpired, it was still all about Triple H. Unless you’re a casual fan, you realized that the angle was set up for us to feel sorry for Triple H and to get him over as a babyface.

Yes, the plan worked as fans in attendance stood up and applauded Triple H even after the show had gone off the air.

Being the realistic fan that I am, I decided not to get too excited about the angle considering the WWE’s tendency to screw it up and leave fans disappointed.  I’ll admit that I was one of the fans who felt the WWE was going through a drastic change when they allowed Punk to shoot on the company.

However, when did the WWE decided to insert Kevin Nash into WWE programming and take the WWE title off of Punk, I knew things would revert back to normal and revolve around Hunter Hearst Helmsley.  After a plethora of 15 minute Triple H promos, I feel justified and obligated to say I told you so.

With that being said, I was surprised when I woke up the next morning and realized the “uproar” started by a number of WWE Superstars on the social network, Twitter. From Zack Ryder to John Morrison, it seems as if the WWE allowed their talent to sell the angle to internet fans by posting derogatory comments about Triple H.

Morrison referred to Hunter as a narcissist while he continued to bash Triple H with a number of ambiguous comments before pointing out what we’ve known all alone. Triple H is a egomaniac who loves being the center of attention.

Despite my initial distaste for the angle, who doesn’t admire realism when it comes professional wrestling?

I am inclined to say that I’ve witnessed more personality from the likes of John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler (besides the hash tag heel segments) in years. You know why? For the first time in years, the WWE is allowing them creative control over what they say.

A few months ago, Dolph Ziggler was ranked as one of the best wrestlers in the WWE but many felt he was seriously lacking on the microphone. Ziggler changed my opinion of him a few weeks ago during one of his “Ask the Heel” segments on Z True Long Island Story. Ziggler sounded like a natural and I questioned why he didn’t do the same on WWE programming.

The proverbial writing on the wall was that Ziggler was one of those superstars that wasn’t allowed create with his owns promos but was basically reading off a script given to him by WWE Creative.

Before I could criticize WWE for handling Ziggler’s character in such manner, he was involved in a verbal confrontation with Hugh Jackman. This was the Dolph Ziggler I’ve wanted to see for some time and it was obvious that Ziggler had input over what he was saying.

Ziggler’s arch rival, John Morrison, has also been a victim of WWE scripts and has discussed it on a number of occasions. Initially, Morrison was given creative control of his character and created all of those promos/segments he partook in during his tenure on ECW and with The Miz.

Ever since his move to SmackDown and face turn, Morrison has been widely panned for his subpar promo ability. Thing is, numerous reports stated that the WWE gave Morrison scripts and were pleased with his performance when cutting them.

At this point, I’m questioning why the WWE is insisting on handing out scripts. Allow those wrestlers to create their own promos and give them opportunities at live shows to cut them. It’s also about the efficiency and house shows are meant to improve upon things that will be shown on televised programming.


Must Read CM Punk Interview: Change, Theme Song, Worst Backstage Moment


The Voice of Voiceless, CM Punk, did a controversial interview WWE Magazines October issue. Punk broke kayfabe and discussed numerous subjects from “wannabes” to his 2009 fall from grace. The 2nd City Saint also discusses his new theme, booking, and his plan to leave the company.

Here’s the interview:

In your estimation, what do you feel is wrong with WWE right now, and what would you do to change it?

What’s wrong with WWE right now is that there isn’t enough youth. Most of the ideas are old. They worked in The Attitude Era or in the ’80′s—and I’m not necessarily saying that they’re bad or they’re wrong —but they need updating, they need tweaking. There needs to be some young minds spinning the webs, so to speak. I’m sick of seeing people who are excellent wrestlers get passed over for people who have abs or who were good second-string linemen in a European football league. I think there are a lot of people who, on their own terms, have made their own personas and perfected their craft simply out of love for what they do. They’re not trying to be bodybuilders or footballs players who fail miserably and then call their uncle or their dad and say, “Hey, I’ll give that wrestling thing a shot because I suck at everything else.”

Why do you think it’s such a strike against guys who—like yourself—are fans but aren’t from a sports or bodybuilding background?

Now, this is complete speculation. I can’t even tell you what somebody else is thinking. I can only say what I think works. And I’m not going to be right 100 percent of the time just like they’re not going to be. Somewhere along the way I think we lost the Midas touch. This whole thing became uncool. I think the people who love it aren’t going to go do something else if they get fired. Like Colt Cabana. He’s a perfect example. He is a wrestler. If he gets hired and it doesn’t work out, he’s wrestling somewhere else the next day. He’s not trying to shoehorn himself into an accounting job. He’s a wrestler. He’s always going to be there. So I just think if you love wrestling sometimes—maybe-you’re punished. You’re placed last in line. The attitude is: You’re always going to be here, maybe we can use you later if we need you, but right now we’re going to use this guy because he was good at college football, but he didn’t quite make it in the NFL.

Another one of your gripes is about how the WWE Championship looks. How would you redesign the title? What is the definitive look of that particular championship for you?

Oh God. How long’s this interview? Honestly, I think old Dwayne used to have a cute little blue cow on his title or something. Then, of course, Stone Cold had the Smoking Skull Title. I don’t know. I think I could Straight Edge the hell out of that thing. A couple of “X”s might make it look good. Make it look like a title should look like, and not make it look like some sort of weird, rapper bling. I feel the definitive look, though, is what I like to call “Bret Hart’s Title.” I think everyone likes to call it the “Winged Eagle Title.” That’s a little redundant. I’m pretty sure most eagles have wings. That’s the one that always sticks out in my mind.

This anger with your job has been festering for a while. Was there one moment backstage when you felt you’d had enough?

I can name one off the top of my head. How about main-eventing a pay-per-view as the World Heavyweight Champion against Undertaker and then, a few months later, being in a dark match against R-Truth at WWE TLC? That’s pretty ignorant in my mind. This is the problem. We do this too many times to too many Superstars. It’s a startstop kind of thing. The company likes to spotlight certain people. Like, “This week, Kofi’s cool,” and then, the next week, “We changed out minds we like Dolph this week.” It flip-flops back and forth ad nauseam, and the next thing you know, the people couldn’t give a crap about either guy.

When did the powers that be really begin to take your leaving WWE seriously?

I told them probably a year out. They would say, “Hey, how about we talk about your contract?” And I would just say, “No, I don’t really feel like it.” And they would say, “Okay, back off. Punk’s crabby and temperamental. We’ll get him next week.” And the next week it would be, “Hey, let’s talk about it.” And then maybe eight or ten months out, it was, “Hey, I really want to sit down. We really need to sign you a new deal.” And that’s when I straight up said, “No, I’m not interested.”

Take us back to your title match at WWE Money In The Bank. What did you do differently that day knowing that could have been your last day on the job?

I don’t think I did anything different that day. I’m a man of my word. I wasn’t going to skip out on my contract earlier. I was going to let it run out. These are the terms I agreed to and the dates I agreed to do, and I was definitely going to finish up. But I think I talked so much about everything and everybody that all eyes were on me and it created a high pressure situation. Thankfully, I thrive very well in those situations. I’d say I pulled it off. All this stuff I talk about, about being the best in the world, I certainly proved it that night. The match went near the 35-minute mark. But I wrestled for 93-minutes one time back in 2002 or 2003 in a Two-Out-Of-Three-Falls Match.

You mentioned on the Bill Simmons BS Report podcast that you had made the decision to come back and resign at WWE Money In The Bank. Do you think your decision was at all clouded a little bit too much by all the emotion going on that day?

I can definitely put it aside. I can be a robot if I need to be. Resigning was something that was on my mind day in and day out whether I was at the gym or sleeping. I was dreaming about it, I was really trying to figure out what the best decision was for me and my future. Call me crazy, but I was also trying to figure out what was the best decision for the company as a whole. I love what we do. I’m not going to get along with everybody I work with. I’m certainly not going to agree with everything all the time, but at the end of the day, I want everybody voice to be heard. I want this place to succeed. So I had to weigh my options.

Another thing we noticed is that you used the “W” word a lot in your tirades these last weeks. how much do you dislike saying “sports-entertainment”?

I don’t hate it as much as you would think, but I really do think It’s ridiculous when you’re not allowed to say “wrestling.” At the end of the day, that’s what goes on in that ring. That ring is our stage. What we do on that stage is we wrestle. I’m not playing grab-ass. I’m out there fighting to win. Wins and losses mean something. Wrestling happens to be damn entertaining.

So is it weird to call yourself a “Superstar” as opposed to a wrestler?

I don’t think it’s weird. I think we’re all Superstars. Absolutely. I don’t think there’s anybody else who can be called that. Would you call Brad Pitt a Superstar? Do I think Brad Pitt can do what we do? Absolutely not! Brad Pitt gets scripts and lines to study months ahead of time and he has a very controlled setting in which he looks the best he possible can. He has makeup on, there’s lighting, there’s people doing the sound and everything. We go out there on live TV every Monday night and kill it. That’s where the entertainment part comes in. It’s more entertaining then a Brad Pitt movie. There are no retakes, you know? There’s no Take 1, Take 2—”I screwed that up, let me do it again.” If we screw up, we screw up. That’s the entertaining part.

One thing you did change is your entrance music, to Living Colour’s “Cult Of Personality.” Did you consider anything else?

No, that was the one. It was a throwback to my Indie days, but it also just fit. I have tremendous guts, I’d like to say, and it was just a gut feeling that this was the right thing to do, to change my music now. Did I like my old song? Absolutely. Was it recognizable? Sure, I had it for five years. Was it time for a change? Was it a risky thing? Yes and yes. But ultimately, I think it was the right move. I haven’t been able to get the song out of my head since last Monday. It’s a song that came out in 1989, when I was on my little league team, and now it just jumped into the iTunes Top 200. That’s powerful. That should speak volumes to the WWE management. They should say, “Holy crap, this kid has the power to do something like that. Let’s see what else he can do.”

What’s really different now that you’re back? What are we really going to see that’s not status quo?

I don’t want to ruin any surprises, but I will tell you that when the Ramones were voted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, there was one surviving member of the original lineup left alive, and it was Marky. Marky originally was completely being in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. This is, after all, the establishment that shunned the entire band for it’s entire career, and he wanted nothing to do with it. He was extremely adamant that, “No, you don’t get the privilege of having the Ramones in your little club.” My good friend, Lars Frederickson [of the band Rancid], got on the phone and said, “Marky listen to me. You almost have a responsibility to the underground to accept this award and be in the Hall of Fame to show that you are as big as the Rolling Stones, you are as big as the Beatles, you’re as good as Led Zeppelin, all these mainstream bands that the Ramones maybe never got credit on the same level as.” And that’s kind of how I feel about WWE right now. I’m the guy who, for all intents and purposes, never should have even made it to WWE. Then I had roadblock after roadblock thrown in my way. Not only did I get past those roadblocks, It did it while flipping off the people who put up those roadblocks. I feel I have a responsibility to the younger wrestlers on the roster, the ones that aren’t signed yet, and the future of wrestling as a whole, to help make this place better, and to change this place. I certainly can’t change it by sitting on my couch in Chicago.

My thoughts: I feel as if Punk is doing his best to “sell” this angle as real. Every fan loves a little backstage dirt and broken kayfabe.

I must say, I’m glad Punk stated what EXACTLY was wrong with the WWE as he always mentioned change but alluded to what needed to be changed.

Thanks for reading Revolutionaries! I really wanted to share this interview as it’s entertaining and gives you an idea of how Punks mind works.

How I Would Book The Ziggler/Swagger/Guerrero Angle


Hello Revolutionaries, I’m not one to flirt with fantasy booking but this feud has been on my radar for some time now. A few weeks back, Jack Swagger defeated Alex Riley in a matchup on RAW.

During Swagger’s match with Riley, Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero partook in verbal warfare that ended in Guerrero assisting Swagger in the win over Riley. As Vickie roamed backstage, Swagger approached her with a proposition.

Swagger insisted that Vickie take up multiple clients while mentioning legendary managers like Freddie Blassie and Jimmy Hart. Guerrero managed Swagger in a match against Alex Riley that ended when Ziggler distracted Swagger during an argument with Guerrero.

This allowed Riley to pick up the win. The events of the RAW that follows echoed this. Swagger was well on his way to a win over Sin Cara until Dolph Ziggler blatantly distracted Swagger after an argument with Guerrero.

At this point, I felt as if the WWE was booking this feud poorly.

I decided to analyze every aspect of this feud and came to the conclusion that it could benefit Swagger and Ziggler if the proper steps are taken.

For starters, allow Jack Swagger to win matches. If Vickie is considering swapping Ziggler for Swagger, she’d have to have a substantial reason for it. Simply put, Swagger has to booked as if he was a better superstar than Dolph Ziggler.

The WWE should have Swagger win numerous matches while Dolph loses a few. The ultimate payoff would be a match between Swagger and Ziggler at a pay per view.

The match should have at least ten minutes of in ring action. The conclusion should see Dolph moments away from a victory. Guerrero should assist Swagger by distracting the referee during Ziggler’s count.

While Dolph is distracted by Vickie, Swagger should use the U.S. Championship to knock Ziggler out cold. Swagger becomes the U.S. Champion while Guerrero drops Ziggler as a client while taking up Swagger.

The WWE is “beating the dead horse” by allowing Vickie to continue on as the Ziggler’s manager. This way, you establish Swagger as a heel while allowing Ziggler to undergo a face turn. Swagger picks up Vickie as the heat magnet he desperately needs while the evolution of Dolph Ziggler continues.

If the nostalgia has set in, you should remember a similar angle involving Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and Paul Heyman. Brock Lesnar was the WWE’s biggest heel and made the transition to biggest face through an angle very similar to this.

Dolph has been heel his entire WWE career and if the past has taught us anything it’s that fans love to get behind a heel turned face.

Just ask Randy Orton.

Besides, Dolph has always sounded uncomfortable on the mic as a heel. A few months back, Ziggler was cracking jokes on commentary in a facish light. Mr. Perfection was undoubtedly comfortable unlike his forced heel promos on RAW.

Dolph also possesses the in ring ability that will aid fans in adjusting to his face turn. Ziggler is one of the top four in ring workers in the WWE. The heel persona has gotten boring and the only way he’ll progress to the main event is having him turn face.

On the other side if the fence, you have Jack Swagger. Swagger hasn’t been relevant since he lost the World Championship. Vickie Guerrero did wonders for the careers of Edge and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler doesn’t need Vickie anymore and placing her with Swagger could resurrect his career.


After Swagger wins the U.S. Title, allow Ziggler’s face turn to continue. I suggest a slow buildup to a rematch that should take place at the next pay per view. Ziggler should be placed in matches as a face. For example, have Ziggler team up with Air Boom to take on Swagger and the Awesome Truth.
The WWE should have Air Boom question Ziggler’s loyalty. Air Boom should feel uncomfortable teaming with Dolph until he aids them in winning the match.

At the ppv, Swagger should win by disqualification or allow Guerrero to aid Swagger in a win.
This way, Dolph can go onto to the main event. For example, a number on number one contenders matches or go for gold and have Dolph take on Del Rio.

On the other hand, Swagger could defend his U.S. title against mid carders like Riley and John Morrison. Swagger’s reign should be booked like Dolph’s intercontinental title reign from 2010.

In the process, the WWE has created two fresh Superstars ready to step into the main event picture at some point.

Problem solved!

One mistake could screw this up and that would be to have Swagger turn face.

NO, this shouldn’t happen.

Thanks for reading Revolutionaries!

WWE Weekly Review: Orton/Christian, Morrison, Cena, CM Punk/Triple H


Welcome Revolutionaries, this is the first WWE Weekly Programming Review. If the title isn’t obvious enough, I’ll be reviewing RAW, NXT, Superstars, and SmackDown with the focus being on the focal points.

I’ll be naming a few hit and misses and what I thought could’ve been done to improve the quality of each show.

In my opinion, RAW was disappointing. This was the first show following the end of the brand extension. If this was a sign of things to come, I would rather the brand extension stay intact.

WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, was forced to miss the show due to visa issues. The decision to put the strap on Del Rio baffles me considering the fact that the WWE should’ve known Del Rio could possibly face visa issues.

If the absence of the WWE Champion wasn’t bad enough, WWE Creative booked random matches for the show. From Ziggler/Orton to Kelly/Bella, it seems as if nothing progressed storyline wise.

Sure, Ziggler vs Orton was a great match but lacked any logic besides Orton picking up another meaningless win.

Speaking of Orton, why was Christian pinned CLEANLY by John Cena. Yes, I understand that Cena always pins guys clean but Christian was scheduled for a World Title match THE NEXT NIGHT.

I don’t understand why Nikki Bella defeated Kelly Kelly. A few weeks ago, the WWE Divas Division revolved around the heel turns of Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Since losing a title match to K2, the Divas of Doom have become the Divas of observation.

Why is the WWE sparking a feud between Otunga and Jerry Lawler? It’s pointless and won’t aid either competitor. It seems as if Vince Russo booked this personally.

One pleasant thing Creative did was mentioning the history between Sheamus and John Cena.

This RAW was definitely a miss. Aside from a few good matches, nothing was booked correctly. They rushed the Punk/Triple H matchup while Kevin Cash returned to his burying ways.

I would give it a D letter grade.

SmackDown was surprisingly better than RAW. Personally, I don’t know why RAW’s top guy opened the show. John Cena called out Alberto Del Rio (again) which would bring Wade Barrett into the equation.

The former foes discussed their past with Cena stating he owed Barrett. I’m guessing Cena forgot he smothered Barrett with almost twenty chairs.

Typical Cena matchup with Barrett falling to Cena’s five move combination. It seems as if Creative is hot and cold when it comes to Barrett.

Daniel Bryan vs. Hunicara was a great matchup. I don’t think Bryan should’ve lost but a great match nonetheless. The heel turn was a pleasant surprising considering the upcoming Misticara vs. Hunicara feud.

I don’t want to discuss the Divas tag matchup simply because it was pointless. Sheamus vs. Khali was horribly booked but Sheamus dominated so I don’t have any complaints.

Randy Orton vs. Christian had another great matchup. Unsurprisingly, Orton won clean. The feud is finally over and I can’t say I enjoyed it as Christian was never booked strongly during it.

Mark Henry reiterated his dominance after destroying Randy Orton shortly after the finish. It was the best segment of the night considering it made us believe Henry can actually take the strap off of Orton.

I wanted to save the Triple H/Punk contract signing for last. It was a great segment that should’ve occurred on next weeks RAW.

I don’t understand the reasoning behind Nash’s involvement. To be honest, I wish the WWE would remove Nash from televised programming.

I give the show a C.

I don’t understand why Cody Rhodes wasn’t featured on the show. If the WWE is trying to use Cody to rejuvenate the Intercontinental Championship, he should he featured prominently on SmackDown.

NXT was a highlight show. I wont discuss it this week as the show revolved around former NXT contestants reaching super stardom.

WWE Superstars kicked off with a match that saw Ezekiel Jackson defeat Heath Slater. Typical Jackson/Slater matchup with Zeke winning after the torture rack.

Brodus Clay squashed another local star.


Zack Ryder took on Tyson Kidd in a decent matchup. Long Island Iced Z picked up the win after the Rough Ryder. Matt Striker was almost as annoying as Michael Cole when he trashed Ryder. 

In the main event, John Morrison took on R-Truth. It was a good match that saw Truth getting the win after the Paydirt.

I have to get this off my chest.

Why is John Morrison on Superstars? Why is he jobbing to R-Truth? I don’t know what Morrison is doing to piss off WWE Creative.

He dumped Melina last week.

I don’t see any reason for his placement on a show nobody cares about.

I hate when guys are punished after dumping dramatic Divas who subsequently screw up their placement with the company.

Yes, this includes Drew McIntyre.

Overall: This was a horrible week for programming considering the brand extension is seemingly over. I understand why most guys are worried as the WWE now has the opportunity to shove Cena and Orton down our throats two times a week.

If this is a sign of things to come, I’d rather have the brand extension return.

TNA: Q&A with Impact Wrestling’s Hulk Hogan



I recently caught up with Hulk Hogan. Hulk was on his way to Brooke’s PETA shoot but was generous enough to answer some questions about TNA.

Hulk, you and Eric reportedly swore to never work with Vince Russo again, what happened?

Well let me tell ya something brother, I’ve had my problems with Russo in the past. He has screwed me and I’ve screwed him. We’ve had our problems but Dixie is paying us so much money we had to forget how fast we destroyed WCW. If only he knew my cut of the dough is twice the size of his…. brother. 

Hulk, don’t you think Immortal has run its course? It has had almost every member of the TNA roster apart of it.

Yes, brother I understand that comment but whether fans like it or not, we’re just getting started! Me, Bischoff, and Russo have been thinking about placing Angle in the group! I’ve also called my boys, Hall and Nash. We’re going to reform the NWO as the BNWO. I plan on breaking NWO’s record of a five year storyline brother!

But what about the welfare of TNA as a company?

Brother, I don’t care about TNA! The only thing I care about is the check and paying for Linda’s lavish lifestyle through this divorce!

What are your thoughts on the Divas of Doom? They are strangely similar to the Jackie and ODB angle.

I’ve got only one thing to say about that brother. You can put lipstick on an Anvil but it’s still a man… brother.

Hulk, what part did you have in the change from TNA to Impact Wrestling?

I thought it was foolish brother. The motto “Wrestling Matters Here” was strange considering the spotlight is always one Me, Eric, and Immortal. Personally, I wanted to change it to TNAwful.

One last question Hulk, what you gonna do when the Insane Icon, Sting, comes for you?

Well I’ll tell you what I’m not going to do and that’s put him over brother!!!

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