WWE: The REAL Reason Why John Morrison and Drew McIntyre are Jobbers?

Hello Revolutionaries, RiZE here with an interesting set of news. It’s no secret that I am the biggest John Morrison mark on this planet. As of late, the frequency of stories revolving around Morrison’s impending WWE departure have gotten to a point where I don’t blame Morrison for exiting the WWE. Since his return, Morrison has become the WWE’s most noteworthy jobber, losing squash matches to the likes of Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, and Christian in less than five minutes.

The reason for Morrison’s relentless burial is reportedly his relationship with former WWE Diva, Melina.

For some time now, rumors of Melina’s infidelity and promiscuous behavior have caused fans and Vince McMahon to view Morrison in a negative live. Morrison refused to confront Dave Batista after he had a sexual relationship with Melina and this caused McMahon to lose respect for Morrison as a man. Yeah, the infamous Vince McMahon mentality strikes again.

The WrestleMania 27 fiasco with Melina/Trish Stratus followed by Melina attending a RAW episode a few days after her release from the company reportedly put backstage heat on JoMo. Morrison, who had just returned from a neck injury, was subject to a loss in every match he competed in.

With the exception of three matches, John Morrison has lost every single match he has partaken in since his return. This isn’t just live television, this is house shows included.

While most tend to blame WM 27 and Morrison’s “attitude”, a report published by F4WOnline.com, states “It’s believed that John Morrison will be leaving WWE soon. It’s said that he has done nothing wrong or caused trouble for officials but there’s speculation that like Drew McIntyre, Morrison is paying the price for who he was dating – former WWE Diva Melina”

On AfterBuzz, Maria Kanellis and Lilian Garcia spoke highly of Drew McIntyre and John Morrison before questioning why both aren’t getting pushed.

Here’s what Maria had to say about McIntyre:

I have a feeling he’s paid for someone else’s sins, problems, because Drew’s really good. I’d love to see him do more stuff, but it’s unfortunate that that happens.”

In case you’re unaware of what Maria’s referring to, McIntyre and his then wife, Taryn “Tiffany” Terell, got into a confrontation in Los Angeles last year shortly before Summerslam. It was reported that Terell was physical with McIntyre and was arrested for domestic violence. Tiffany was released by the WWE a few weeks later while McIntyre has been reduced to jobbing since the WWE Draft.

A few moments later, Maria said this about Morrison:

“I think it’s a lot of complications of outside stuff. I think that a lot of times they go with who’s going to be there, who’s always going to be there, who’s going to be the easiest. He’s very easy and I love him to pieces, but I think its outside complications. I think that’s why.”

Before I could hand out my “I told you so” to those who’ve defended Melina, another report was published by WrestleNewz.com.

This time, it was Melina responding to a comment made by some guy on twitter. The individual said “Will you stand trial for killing your bf’s career” #PrayForJoMo.”

The individual sent this to Melina after Morrison was buried by Christian in a short match and was subsequently attacked by Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler.

Melina responded via direct message and had this to say:

“The WWE did it. I never did anything but stand by him through thick and thin. We should all be so lucky as to have someone like that in our lives.”

“John worked his ass off and did EVERYTHING he was told. The blame shouldn’t be put on me. Blame the WWE”

I’m a little half and half on this situation. For one, I don’t think talented superstars like McIntyre and Morrison should be blamed for the actions of their significant other. Simply put, we can blame the WWE for this as they’re the ones administering the burials.  On the other hand, I do feel as if Melina has contributed greatly to the downfall of Morrison and the backstage opinion of him.

In the end, it’s sad that these guys are in their position they’re in because of this.

I stand behind Morrison’s decision to leave and McIntyre should consider doing so too as he hasn’t won a match in ages.

I wonder if McMahon would forgive them if they were bodybuilder like and equipped with an unlimited supply of baby oil.

Come on, you know it’s true.



WWE: Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder the latest victims of Vince McMahon’s Bodybuilder Fetish?

Hello Revolutionaries, RiZE here with some late night blogging because I feel as if there’s a few things I need to get off my chest. As you know, I’ve been watching the WWE since WrestleMania 17 and I’m not afraid to admit that last night’s RAW is probably the worst episode I’ve ever watched. The fact that almost a million viewers seem to agree with me since they changed their channels after the first hour is a noteworthy notion to my claim.

Despite this, I always find salvation in watching John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler perform. I don’t think I need to discuss Morrison’s current situation as most of the dirt sheets (and the IWC for that matter) have misinterpreted news of Morrison’s impending departure a dozen times already.

On the other hand, Dolph Ziggler has drawn his fair share of attention as of late. A number of WWE fans feel as if Ziggler in the next big thing and will be defeating the likes of Randy Orton and John Cena in no time. Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of Ziggler as I always felt he sounded forced on the mic and needed Vickie’s heat for fans to care for him.

However, I’ve seen the light as Dolph has displayed a different side of himself as of late and I’d be a liar if I said I don’t enjoy his promos and hash tag heel segments on Z True Long Island Story.

Thing is, it seems as if fans overlook the fact that Ziggler has been losing a number of television matches as of late. Besides his win at NOC and title defense against Zack Ryder, Dolph has been on a losing streak. The WWE’s version of Archer has fallen to the likes of Air Boom, Zack Ryder, and Mason Ryan for some time now.

Thing is, Mason Ryan is undoubtedly Ziggler’s biggest foe at this moment.

I have a problem with this.

Instead of having Ziggler drop the title to a charismatic and passable worker in Zack Ryder, it seems as if Mason Ryan is the next U.S. Champion.  After Ryan pinned Ziggler again Monday, I asked myself “Why in the blue hell is Batista 2.0 pinning Dolph Ziggler?”

Imagine my reaction when I realized I had answered my own question.

Yes, Vince McMahon’s bodybuilder fetish strikes again as Ryan, a wrestler with practically no redeeming qualities except his resemblance of Dave Batista, is going to take the mid card title off of Ziggler on the way to the main event card.

I don’t understand why Vince McMahon feels the need to have his real superstars aid the guys who can’t wrestle their way out of a paper bag (no offense Randy) look better in the eyes of the WWE Universe.  This not only affects Ziggler but it strips an opportunity away from a deserving superstar in Zack Ryder.

In case you missed it, Ryder recently cracked the top 10 in merchandise sales for WWEShop.com.

I figured the Creative team would emphasize Ryder slightly more than they currently do but I forgot that this is the WWE it’s rare for them to produce compelling, logical, and entertaining programming in this day and age (no offense Triple H).

I don’t know where they’re going with this Ryder/Ryan/Dolph fiasco but don’t surprised if Mason Ryan is your U.S. Champion after Vengeance.

Final Thoughts:

Hey Mason, Skip called, he wants his push back. Vince, Ryan called, he wants his underwear and baby oil back. Swagger, Kurt called; he wants his gimmick/finisher back. Hunter, the RAW roster called, they want their spots back.


WWE: Why is Seth Rollins still in FCW?

What’s wrong with the WWE?

I found myself asking this question at the conclusion of each episode of WWE programming that preceded CM Punk’s infamous shoot on the July 27th edition of Monday Night RAW. While I’ll admit that the WWE did provide fresh, compelling, and extraordinary programming in the weeks that followed, I once again find myself asking “What’s wrong with the WWE?”

Thing is, I’m not referring to current WWE programming as a whole but it’s more of who they decide to bring out of their developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW). For example, FCW “alumni” Mason Ryan, David Otunga, and Jinder Mahal exemplify the phrase, GREEN, when it comes to professional wrestling.

Despite my personal objections, each has retained a position on the WWE’s main roster. For me, this displayed FCW in a negative light as I refused to watch their matches considering the level of mediocrity brought to the main roster by World Wrestling Entertainment. That is, until I watched my first Ring of Honor pay per view, Glory by Honor IX.

For the first time in months, pro wrestling sent me into a short period of introspection. Instead of proclaiming wrestling as boring, predictable, and political, I felt as if pro wrestling was an art. Instead of the entertainment and pro wrestling conglomerate known as the WWE, I was star struck by the silent enigma known as Ring of Honor.

Besides the familiar faces of Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hauss, Balls Mahoney, and Daivari, I was particularly impressed by Tyler Black.  When I joined the B/R, one of the first articles I read pertained to him inking a developmental deal with the WWE. Most of the writers spoke highly of Black, proclaiming him to be a main event talent before his debut. As a fan that’d rather be in awe of flash and the high flying genre, you can imagine my reaction to Black and his exquisite wrestling style.

From my point of view, I was the connoisseur while Black was the proverbial artiste.

Initially, I felt an undying feeling of regret for brushing Ring of Honor off as I would calmly use the “I’ll watch it another time” whenever someone recommended the relatively unknown wrestling company (casual fans). If it had not have been for an article by a friend, it’s likely that I would’ve never watched Glory by Honor that night.

Nonetheless, the sensational feeling of nostalgia brought me to an FCW match featuring Seth “Tyler Black” Rollins and Dean “Jon Moxley” Ambrose. In 15 minutes (twice the amount of a typical WWE match), Rollins and Ambrose impressed me more than anything the WWE has produced in some time.

As spectacular as the first match was, the second was that much better. At this point, I was bewildered by the WWE and their decision to bring superstars like Ryan, Otunga, and Mahal up to the main roster while Rollins was approaching his first year in WWE developmental.

When the final match in the Ambrose/Rollins trilogy debuted on YouTube Monday afternoon, I felt inclined to reiterate my earlier claim and questioned why Rollins (and Ambrose for that matter) are still in FCW. Despite the answer being in my face, I ignored the proverbial writing on the wall.

Simply put, the same thing that plagues 90% of the current WWE roster plagues extremely talented guys like Seth Rollins down in FCW. WWE Creative doesn’t have storyline direction for any of them. It’s either this or Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s bodybuilder fetish making its presence felt once again.

Disagree? Ask Dolph Ziggler, Mason Ryan, and Zack Ryder.

It’s sad that I could create a role for Rollins over the space of fifteen minutes after a quick observation of WWE Programming and what the company is in need of.

On a somber note, Seth Rollins could find himself in John Morrison’s spot if the Prince of Parkour leaves the WWE when his contract is up.

Whenever Rollins finally pops up on my television screen, I’ll rejoice at the thought of this guy with unlimited potential leaving his mark on the WWE and its disputed fan base.

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