Why Randy Orton Sucks


Randy Orton’s inexplicable dominance over the WWE began after WrestleMania 26. Orton, who defeated former Legacy cohorts, Cody Rhodes, and Ted Dibiase, has become one of the WWE’s biggest faces after years as a heel. Since his turn, Orton has been booked as if he was the Anti John Cena. Simply put, fans felt Orton didn’t possess the five moves of doom, predictable wins, and the adoration of kids worldwide like John Cena.

The problem is, fans spoke too soon.

Only three months after his face turn, Orton was becoming a John Cena clone instead of a worthy alternative. The Viper dominated every opponent placed in front of him and has rarely lost a match cleanly since WrestleMania 26. As the adoration of Orton grows with each passing week, the dread and horror I face every time Rev Theories “Voices” riles up a crowd has reached an all time high.

Simply put, I don’t Orton is worth the attention/hype fans bestow upon him.

Personally, I think Orton’s the most egotistical, hateful, predictable, and boring piece of crap to ever step foot inside a WWE ring (besides Kevin Nash).

Why? You may ask, I’ll explain it right now.

Kofi Kingston

I can’t stress this particular occurrence enough. After Randy Orton and John Cena competed in their final match for the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights 2009, Orton began a feud with Kingston. Orton attacked Kofi the next night on RAW, blaming him for his loss against Cena. Kingston would deface Orton’s race car backstage, displaying a more aggressive side to his character.

Orton and Kingston would compete in a number of matches which ultimately lead to a win by Orton. One unforgettable moment would be Kofi when decimated Orton at Madison Square Garden. Kofi picked up a notable win over Orton at Survivor Series, pinning CM Punk and Orton to win the match for his team.

The feud came to an abrupt stop during an edition of RAW.

In a triple threat match for the number one contendership, Orton was seemingly furious towards Kingston. The Viper screamed “stupid!” at Kingston after delivering an RKO. The dirt sheets later reported that Kingston botched the finish that would’ve included a missed punt attempt. Orton was said to be furious backstage and complained to WWE management.

Like Orton hasn’t botched a spot before. Ask Chris Jericho

Orton informed Creative that Kofi Kingston was not ready for the main event scene.

Orton’s complaint seemingly worked as Kingston has been stuck in the mid card ever since. I didn’t know Companies allowed their employees to have so much power backstage.

Have you noticed Kingston and Orton haven’t been on the same brand since?

Despite the General belief, Kofi Kingston has dominated the mid card scene. There’s nothing left for the Ghanaian to accomplish there. The fact that he’s still in the mid card sickens me. It’s as if Orton sees a threat and does his best to eliminate it before it steals away some of his thunder.

You know what? Kofi Kingston is better than Randy Orton. He can cut a promo without stating his name in EVERY SINGLE PROMO.

Mr. Kennedy

Another similar occurrence would be Ken Kennedy/Anderson. Mr. Anderson was known to be an injury prone wrestler during his time in the WWE. Despite this, Kennedy was arguably the best mic worker in the company during his tenure. Kennedy was certainly on his way to the main event card but a number of injuries prevented this.

Mr. Kennedy returned to WWE RAW after being drafted to the brand through the Supplemental Draft.

Upon his return, Kennedy informed Orton that he would become the WWE Champion. Kennedy participated in a 10-man tag team match shortly before the NBA Western Conference finals. Kennedy dropped Orton awkwardly with a backdrop.

Because of his awkward landing, Orton complained to management backstage. Randy had injured his collarbone a year before and used it as an excuse for his complaints. The fact that most fans tend to look over is that Orton dropped Kennedy awkwardly on his upper body with an RKO in the same match. Kennedy suffered a wrist injury from Orton’s botch as Orton remained unaffected by Kennedy’s.

Orton’s complained to officials that Monday night while Kennedy was released four days later.

Once again, Orton acts as if botches aren’t normal in the WWE. For example, Orton almost caused a serious neck injury to Alex Riley with an elevated DDT a few months ago.

Orton’s fans are probably reading this and thinking “Well Kennedy botched too much and could’ve seriously injured Orton”. Well, when Kofi “botched” that match finish, Orton was more aggressive when he delivered the RKO. In my opinion, Orton was intentionally trying to hurt Kofi Kingston.

Oh, but he can get away with that huh?


A few months ago, The Viper decided to poke fun at Divas Champion, Kelly Kelly, who is infamous for dating numerous WWE Superstars. Orton claimed that he could name at least 10 WWE Superstars who have been in a relationship with the Divas Champion.

While Orton and the radio host poked fun at Kelly’s personal life, I was disgusted by Orton’s actions.

Simply put, I believe it was highly unprofessional for Orton to reveal Kelly’s secrets to the wrestling world. As the social networks devoured the story, many wrestling fans sided with Orton, citing that if Punk can wish death upon Mr. McMahon, then Orton can publicize Kelly’s personal life.

The thing is, a few weeks ago, John Morrison decided to bring his recently released girlfriend, Melina, to a RAW show and was punished for it. The Prince of Parkour was booked to job to R-Truth because of his actions. As the weeks passed, Morrison began a small losing streak, losing four matches in a row before winning a tag team match at SummerSlam.

A few months ago, Morrison was in a similar position when he “cold shouldered” Trish Stratus at WrestleMania.

Morrison was punished for his actions when he was removed from a WWE Title match at Extreme Rules. Because of Edge’s retirement, Morrison’s burial was seemingly subsided while Morrison regained his spot by defeating R-Truth in a match.

Thing is, Orton trashed Kelly on air. Orton, who is a leader of a million dollar corporation, trashed a fellow employee and didn’t receive any form of punishment. There was backstage heat on Orton but members of the locker room felt Orton wouldn’t be punished because of who he was. Simply put, if it had been someone like Morrison, he would’ve been released.

The WWE aren’t the only culprits when it comes to the double standard around Randy Orton. The IWC bashed John Morrison for having a bad attitude while Orton put his attitude on display for millions of fans.

I guess a crappy apology and a decent amount of ass kissing at SummerSlam Axxess forced fans to forget his actions.

The IWC’s General Opinion on Orton

As much as the IWC trash John Cena and his superman gimmick, it’s surprising to see that most consider Orton an alternative. The Internet Wrestling Community trashes John Cena for possessing five maneuvers that will eventually lead to a win for Cena. Most of the fans are Orton marks.  Orton himself possesses the five step signatures to success.

The two clotheslines, backbreaker, powerslam, elevated ddt, angle slam (occasionally), and the RKO for the victory.

The one thing that sparks a civil war in the IWC is the overall crowd reaction and merchandise sales. Orton’s pop may be the loudest in the WWE but the WWE (and TNA for that matter) are known to use piped entrances. Basically meaning the WWE adds cheers to a Superstars entrance. Another thing I noticed is that Orton’s pops often last the first five seconds of his theme.

They’re not sustained.

Sin Cara has a louder crowd reaction than Randy Orton (minus the piped in cheers).

Hardcore Orton marks tend to believe that because of crowd reaction, Orton is as big a draw as Cena himself. The mere thought of this brings yours truly to uncontrollable laughter. Randy Orton is a mediocre draw. The World Heavyweight Champion doesn’t draw as nearly much as you Ortonites think he does.

Rey Mysterio, The Miz, CM Punk, Sin Cara, Taker, Ryder, and John Cena are all ahead of Orton in merchandise sales. The fact that the SmackDown rating has been in the toilet ever since Orton took over as the brands main attraction should tell you something.


How can the WWE Universe look forward to a Randy Orton match when the finish is already decided?  If your name is opposite Randy Orton’s on a match card, there’s a ninety-nine percent chance of the wrestler losing the match.

You don’t think so? Orton has lost THREE clean matches since his face turn. The first was against Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules last year. The second was the August 30th edition of RAW where Orton was pinned by Wade Barrett following Wasteland during a Team RAW vs. Nexus elimination matchup.

The third was a tag team matchup where Orton and John Morrison faced R-Truth and Christian.

That’s THREE matches in almost a year. How can we enjoy a feud with Orton involved if he wins EVERY SINGLE MATCHUP? You disagree? Ask CM Punk or Christian.

Well that’s it for my article on Mr. Randy Orton.

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